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Why Sometimes CJ Dropshipping Processing Time is Too Long?

What leads to a long processing time? If you have been working with CJ before, you will know CJ Dropshipping does not manufacture those products, so we purchase them from suppliers. For some hot products, CJ will pre-stock inventories. However, there is numerous merchandise in the market, so CJ cannot pre-stock all of them. So […]

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A 2021 A-Z Guide for Dropshipping Beginners: Start & Scale Your Business from 0 to ∞

This is an A-Z guide for beginners who want to start a dropshipping business in 2021. Outline Ⅰ. What is dropshipping? Ⅱ. Is dropshipping still profitable in 2021? Ⅲ. Step by step on how to do dropshipping Step 1: Choose a Platform to Create Your Store Step 2: Find a niche to start with/Select products […]

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How COVID-19 Changes Customer Buying Habits and Impact Dropshipping Business?

Since the Coronavirus pandemic struck, fear struck people, restricting them from going out. And rightfully so, who would want to risk their lives for shopping? People are starting to accept the digital world and its services. Services like e-gift cards see better sales as people prefer to do everything online. While some of the habits […]


3 Ways You Can Automate Your Dropshipping Business So You Can Quickly Scale to 6-7 Figures This 2021

You probably already know 2020 was a disastrous year for most dropshippers. Constant Facebook business manager ban… Insane shipping delays due to the pandemic… Shopify shutting down stores… And PayPal holding funds because of the slow shipping… Because of this, most smaller scale dropshippers were forced to end their dropshipping career… While 7 figure dropshippers […]

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5 Frequently Used Order/Shipment Tracking App for Shopify 2021

The reliability of order management is one of the keys to improve the consumer experience. Customers want to know every step from the packing until the parcel shipped to the doorstep after the order is placed. By giving the tracking number and order status will comfort customers with a sense of trust. When you have […]