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What is an eCommerce Helpdesk? Multi-Store Dropshippers: Need a Helpdesk for the Holidays? | Review on CRM Software 2022

An eCommerce helpdesk is Customer Relationship Management software (a CRM) designed to 

– organize incoming messages into a structured, ticket-based system 

– display message threads as conversations (like an SMS app or messenger). 

The purpose of a helpdesk is to simplify customer support workflows and shorten the time needed to respond to buyers. 

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How to Pick Product Research Tools? | 3 Tips with Amazing Apps as Examples

On the striving way of online business, product researches always go ahead of marketing. Good products will help to lighten the way for sellers. Thanks to big data nowadays, there are numerous product research tools and plugins on the Internet that can be easily found. eCommerce sellers can get access to various recommendations on product research tools.

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The Best Way to Use Google Trends for Your Dropshipping Business

How would you know whether your business will succeed? Flip a coin? Ask a fortune-teller? Well, you could try that, but… Isn’t it better to take matters into your own hands? With a tool like Google Trends, you can easily pull it off! And, in this article, I’m going to show you how you can use it to ensure your business’s success.