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Facebook Payment is Now Available on Shopify while Shopify Develops Inbox Function… Dropshipping News Weekly Updates

Welcome to our new column: Dropshipping News Weekly Update Vol.08 This week we prepared five dropshipping news for you to catch up with. U.S. social e-commerce sales growth is expected to reach 36% in 2021 The latest data released by eMarketer shows that the total sales of social e-commerce in the U.S. market this year […]

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9 Ideas to Make Money Online from Home

One of the best ways to generate a good income nowadays is to make money online, from home. This sounds amazing, it will help you generate the extra income you need to enjoy an amazing life. There will always be challenges as you try to make money from home, but the results can be staggering […]

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What if more and more Chinese Sellers Run Business in Shopify?

There was a very interesting phenomenon in the early years. When Amazon open to the public, Americans were dominating the market at that time. The popular products sold from Amazon were mainly video games, consumer electronics and software, etc. While most of them were produced in China. Therefore, more and more Chinese sellers start to […]