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What to Sell on Etsy 2022? Five Promising Catalogs

Etsy has been seen a 344% increase in searches for 70s lighting, a 27% increase in searches for decorative lighting, a 25% increase in searches for vintage lighting*, and a 22% increase in searches for colorful lighting. So the home decors, especially the lighting, got the massive potential to become one of the trending catalogs for 2022.

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Is Etsy Legit? Etsy Review 2021 – Is It Worth Selling?

Etsy is a popular online marketplace both because it is a one-stop place for arts and aesthetics and because it’s incredibly user-friendly thanks to all the perks it offers. The platform is evolving every day, yet it also questions whether or not selling on Etsy is worth it.

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How to Start an Etsy Store in 5 Steps?

Etsy is a marketplace focusing on handmade and vintage items.
In this article, we’ll go through the steps to building your own Etsy shop.
1. Create an Etsy account: You can set up an Etsy account by clicking “Sell on Etsy” at the bottom of Etsy’s home page. (Or, if you already have an account, sign in.) And then enter your email, name, and password.

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