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What to Sell on Etsy 2022? Five Promising Catalogs

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Are you ready for 2022 selling? This article brings 5 potential catalogs to sell for Etsy sellers or those who want to step into the Etsy marketplace in 2022.

Etsy is a unique and vertical marketplace focused on handmade, vintage, or crafted items. It has seen a dramatic increase in customers number since 2005, and its annual revenue kept on increasing constantly, finally, reaching 1,725.63 million in 2020.

And that’s why people believe that this platform can go even further in the future.

Source from: Statista

There are three keywords that need to be noticed about what people are trying to pursue more:

1. Expression to loved ones;

2. Mental health;

3. Timely & upcycled

Five product catalogs for Etsy 2022

Digital products

The first place on today’s list must give to digital products that attracted much attention from people once they got popular. Simply speaking, they are pre-designed digital files in different forms for people to use on Internet, or download and print.

People can pick or design unique patterns to express themselves by their preferences. Especially for young customers. It also gives people a sense of “involvement” when they download and print their “artwork” out.

The reason why sellers love digital products is that, basically, sales can be done in real-time, they do not need to worry about the shipping cost, inventory, or how delays will cause a custom service crisis.

Specific examples are like encouraging quote posters, gift card mockups, coloring pages, editable templates for social media, etc.

Among them, one of the bestsellers is the printable planner. So, actually, planners are sort of seasonal products, and now here we are, moving to the last month of this year, so it’s time to write down new goals for 2022.

This year is special, the pandemic hasn’t finished yet, and people’s intention to feel okay is becoming even stronger. Many people want to purchase something that keeps them organized and saves them time.

With that being said, however, digital items actually got their cons too, product development might cost your time, harder to demonstrate value. But everything got pros and cons at the same time. With certain unique designs coming along with trendy elements, it is still worth a try.

Personalized and handmade Jewelry

I know, speaking about Etsy, the first thing that may come into your mind might be jewelry, so it could not be sounded that interesting. But, it is still evergreen and one of the most popular niches on Etsy.

Thousands of people are looking for one-of-a-kind accessories like earrings, and necklaces, every day on Etsy, so chances are sellers can always find their own path in the Jewelry niche.

People nowadays cherish their lives more as well as the people and pets around them. We are more likely to express our love, and feelings to loving ones.

Personalized jewelry is a perfect medium symbolizing love, and memories, and bringing people comfort and encouragement. And for sellers, jewelry is also one of the ideal products with potential margin and less shipping cost since it is small and lightweight.

Just like this Heart-shaped openable pendant on CJ, people can put photos or other little things in it. The cost for sellers is relatively lower, the total dropshipping price could only be $2.76.

CJ Dropshipping also offers product customization services, which means sellers can tell CJ how they would like to customize one product, then CJ will help to make it come true.

Mental care products

The next catalog is for products that help people with mental health and self-care. Mental care is another massive factor for people to put more and more attention to it. How we can go through the dark nights? The winter is setting in, as well as another possible lockdown due to a mutated virus.

So products related to metal care have great potential in the next year. The range of items could be broad, but you can narrow it down from some specific perspectives.

Such as encouraging words, something like the printable quotes mentioned above; Or this Wireless Bluetooth sleeping eye mask. For people who are suffering overwhelming anxiety, this kind of eye mask can help to relax and improve sleeping quality, while listening to some meditating music.

What’s more, the color. With increasing searches on related decor up 60%, Etsy has just revealed its color of 2022- emerald green. It’s a harmonious and elegant color to bring a sense of healing and to remind us to find balance in this year.

So if you are doing product research recently, do not forget to give additional attention to the color.

Source: Etsy

Home Decor: lighting

Etsy a 344% increase in searches for 70s lighting, a 27% increase in searches for decorative lighting, a 25% increase in searches for vintage lighting*, and a 22% increase in searches for colorful lighting. So the home decors, especially the lighting, got the massive potential to become one of the trending catalogs for 2022.

Source: Etsy

People want to decorate their home more than any other time before since now almost everyone spends more time at home. Lighting can easily create a better atmosphere and spotlight people’s sweet homes, so no wonder that statement lighting is becoming trendy.

For more examples, let’s take a look at this DIY Floor Lamp, people can assemble the light filters randomly, so the final look and the color of light can be quite different. This light can turn a dark bedroom into a dreamy island just in one second.

If you are also starting to look for products to sell on Valentine’s day, a red-heart lamp can be one of the perfect gift ideas. It can create a romantic atmosphere while casting a unique red heart shadow on the wall.

Sustainable products

As a result of rising social conscience and responsibility, about 75% of customers say that they would pay more for eco-friendly products in 2021, and we believe such sustainable products will be even more popular in the following years.

People have realized how important the environment is for human beings to live. In response, more and more kinds of upcycled products have been made to support a more sustainable life.

Such products have already been proved on Etsy, like zero-waste toothpaste, upcycled glass jars, vessels, shampoos, and soaps made with 100% food-grade natural ingredients.

And with the sharing above, actually, the demand from customers always reflects massive chances waiting to be revealed. Left along Etsy is a platform that needs sellers to put more attention to how we empathy, creativity, or nostalgia.

As long as you continue to notice, think it over, to explore, you will definitely find the items that will help you to increase sales as well as win your buyers’ hearts.


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You sell, We source and ship for you!

CJdropshipping is an all-in-one solution platform that provide various services including sourcing, shipping, and warehousing.

The goal of CJ Dropshipping is to help international eCommerce entrepreneurs to achieve business success.