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12 Great Winning Product Ideas to Sell around Christmas

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As Christmas is on the corner, dropshippers must be busy with the Christmas season. Have you found your winning products for the Christmas season? If not, this post is just for you.

I spent two days searching for the trendy products, looking for new ideas on Odditymall, Facebook, top dropshipping stores, and the like, and also studied those data from CJ Dropshipping, Aliexpress, and Google Trends.

You will not see any cliches like Christmas hats, sweaters, socks, nor any Christmas pillow covers, or wine bottle covers in this video. I tried to find some new, cool ideas, which are currently trending for Christmas 2020. For more information, watch the video below.

Christmas Facemasks

What is the top seller in 2020? Masks without question, right? As the medical masks and N95 masks are saturated in the market, many new designs, new variations are coming out. And sure there are facemasks designed for Christmas. I found 3 different types of facemasks you can sell.

The first type is the most common design with Christmas prints. On this product page, there are 12 variants, but I think there are many more options. Just search Christmas mask on the CJ marketplace. If you see any prints you like anywhere else, you can put a sourcing request with the link, CJ sourcing team will upload it for you in two days.

This is a product with not very high perceived value, so you can sell it in 3 pack, 9 pack, or sell on a dozen to increase the value per transaction because people will not only buy for themselves but also buy for their family members.

The second type is a much cooler one. This Christmas printed cycling mask has a wow effect on the face. It’s interesting and cute, also it is a problem solver, helps to keep you warm outdoors.

If these two types are too common for you, the last one may probably interest you. There is a video showing the effect. The video is not well made, but the product is awesome, you can even put a filter in it, which is not shown in the product image, it’s a surprise.

This is a terrific product for a one-product store. As for one product store, you need to spend more effort on creating a perfect product page, nice copies, and more importantly, good quality images and product video. These product images and the video are totally not qualified. You can have much better images and video by taking pictures by yourself or have someone done it for you.

You own the copyright, and you can distinguish your products from other competitors. You need a sample to do the photographing, so here is a reminder, choose the fastest express, for there is no time to waste, Christmas is just on the corner. Or you can post a photography request to CJ, then you can get what you need in one week.

And the cost for this LED Christmas mask on Aliexpress is $17.88 with free delivery of more than a month. This is the cheapest price I can find on Aliexpress. 

But on CJ, you can get it at a total price of $12.39 to the US, $5 cheaper with a shorter delivery time.  

Christmas Home Decor

Home decor is a big niche for Christmas. We know that every supermarket is selling Christmas decorations, so you need to find unique products for the consumers.

Projectors are super hot sellers during the Christmas season. There are many types of projectors on the top 100 seller list on CJ Dropshipping. I can totally imagine how this novel Christmas treetop starlike projectors sell like hot cakes during the Christmas season. It has a wow effect, and every family with a Christmas tree may need one. It can create a fancy Christmas atmosphere for every family. It’s terrific for a one-product store or a niche store.

The next product is a super cool product. I found it on Facebook, and I was hooked by the ad video. On the product page, it charges $30 for 5m and $50 for 20m. There are many improvements that can be done on this product page. There are too many colors for the copies. It will look more professional in black and white, and with one another color. And they don’t have frequently bought together in a proper place which can give a chance to increase your average value by upselling other items. The GIFs are great, but not well organized. The page’s too long, and too many fonts applied, looks not professional at all. The product reviews are good, but it’s not very convincing. You can do much better than this.

I found a wow door decoration for Christmas this year, it’s a brand new designed product. It’s a Santa legs wreath. It’s cute, and it has a very fancy effect on the door. There is a huge market for it, because every family has doors to be decorated with the wreath, and it will definitely wow the neighbors. 

And there is a variant without a wreath to decorate the Christmas tree, two options for consumers. A nice choice for a one-product store or niche store.


Toys are not usually Christmas themed but they are very hot in Q4. Kids are now more at home than ever before, and toys are essential to keep them busy. Parents buy toys for their children as Christmas presents. Therefore, I picked two toys for you. One is a proven bestseller, and the other one is a trending product for Christmas.

This power balloon toy has been a hot seller for months since it came into the market. There are tens of variants, and many dropshippers have made a success with this product. It sold thousands of orders last month on CJ Dropshipping.

It is also a proven seller on Aliexpress. On this product page, it got 777 reviews at 4.8 stars, a really good performance. And the price of this product on Aliexpress is $14.18 with an estimated delivery time of more than a month.

But for the same variant on CJ Dropshipping, it only costs $11.63 in total with a shorter delivery time. You can go directly to the product page to buy or list to your stores for selling.

Another promising toy is this Christmas block set. It’s a trending product for Christmas. It’s not only a toy for kids, it is also a terrific gift idea. People are giving out gifts on Thanksgiving Day and Christmas. This product will be very popular because it’s not only a blocks toy, and also a music box with LED lights, it just looks perfect as a gift.

Kitchen Products

People get together and party more around Christmas, so kitchen products could be very popular. People like getting together feasting on foods and drinks. Wine is at every dinner table to celebrate the holiday. So I found a product to make your drinks different and enjoyable.

It is a diamond-shaped ice tray. It’s a perfect product for a niche store or general store. A similar ball ice mold is a proven seller, ranked #17 of the top sellers in the previous month on CJ Dropshipping. And this diamond-shaped ice tray is a new variation, provides a new experience for the consumers.

The next product is for those having a sweet tooth, those who love melted cheese and chocolate-candle-powered fondue mugs. I found it on Odditymall, it caught my eyes at the first sight. It’s very appealing, and I think there is no sweet tooth that can say no to these fondue mugs. But the minimum order for this mug is 1000 pcs. If you want to sell the same design of the fondue mug, you have to pre-stock for it. You can customize your logo and packaging, so it’s more suitable for a one-product store. If you like the idea, just contact your agent, he/she will help you to fulfill the idea.

Or you can choose a similar one like this creative ceramic mug, the same function but no MOQ required.

Pet Supplies

Pet Supplies are a hot niche all year round. Christmas is a perfect time for pet raisers to show their love and appreciation for their pets. Let’s see what you can sell around Christmas under this niche.

People buy Christmas apparel to dress up themselves as well as their pets. Search Christmas pet costume on Google Trends, we can see for years, the peak searches appeared around December or November, and now it’s on a straight upward trend.

So now it’s the best time to sell the Christmas pet costume. And I found this Christmas pet costume set very cute, and there haven’t many people selling it, only 6 lists. And I can hardly find sellers on Aliexpress selling it. Sell this now before too many competitors join in.

Pet heating pads are new trending products under this niche as the winter coming. Pet heating pads are highly profitable. Take this heating pad, for example, the total dropshipping price for this product is $16.16, but on a dropshipping store, for a similar heating pad, it is sold at $52.04, the profit is more than $35 per sale.

Let’s say you spend $15 on advertising, you still get $20 net profit per sale, you earn $2000 if you sell 100 orders. So this kind of product is very profitable, and the market is far from being saturated. Find the product on CJ Dropshipping and sell this now.


Can CJ Help You Dropship These products?

Yes! CJ dropshipping is able to provide free sourcing and fast shipping. We provide a one-stop solution for both dropshipping and wholesale businesses.

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CJdropshipping is an all-in-one solution platform that provide various services including sourcing, shipping, and warehousing.

The goal of CJ Dropshipping is to help international eCommerce entrepreneurs to achieve business success.