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5 Amazing Websites to Spy on Product Data-Product Research

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Product scraper websites are sharp choppers dropshippers use to hew a way through the eCom brambles. In this post, I’ll focus on Commerce Inspector, Niche Scraper, Thieve, Product Mafia, and Pexda, these websites provide data mainly from AliExpress and Facebook ads, so they are really worthwhile to make a reference.

Commerce Inspector

Commerce Inspector is the first site I would like to recommend. It’s a very powerful tool, it has many features, and if you just want to hunt for winning products, it’s totally free to use, you don’t need to pay a membership to upgrade.

Here’s the dashboard of Commerce Inspector, actually it’s a Google Chrome extension, but you can search for top posts, products, e-commerce groups, as well as top sites on the dashboard.

You can find top posts, top products, and top e-commerce groups on the Trends page. You can set the period for the last 7 days, today, this week, last week, this month, and last month. From the top posts, you can see Facebook ads with the most engagement, so you’ll know what products are popular these days. It shows the preview of the product, copies, and when the ad was posted, as well as the engagement. You can easily tell which product gets a broad market base and interests consumers.

The top products page shows the latest hot products, you can go to the product page directly to learn how the seller prices the product, as well as the product images, videos, and descriptions.

On the top e-commerce groups page, there’s a collection of all the top Facebook e-commerce groups. You can review the group names and their members, and go to the group page directly.

On the Top Sites page, we can find the top sites and most viewed sites. Top sites are ranked by traffic. You can see the traffic and newest products, you can even pay to see the units and revenue. They are very helpful information if you’re going to start a business and looking for a promising niche.

Moreover, you can spy on your competitor’s store. You’ll have an overview of the store, the traffic sources, product information, ads running, and apps used.

On the Facebook Ads page, you can search for any ads on Facebook and Instagram. You can search for ads by keyword or advertiser name.

On the Apps page, you’ll find the most installed apps for Shopify stores.

That is almost all the features Commerce Inspector provides, and most of its functions are free to use. All in all, I think it’s a powerful free tool that is worth your try.

Niche Scraper

The second site I’d like to recommend is Niche Scraper. It is a very powerful niche research bot with useful features like store analysis and ad video maker. It has a free plan that lets you get some limited data on the products, but these free accounts are provided just to serve the purpose of letting you take a test drive of the tool, it won’t give you much benefit. You’d be much better off going with a paid subscription if you want to use the tool. The cost is around $39 monthly and $199 annual.

Here’s the page of Product Scraper. It pulls product data from AliExpress and shows you recent orders, total orders, price, competition, and the top country of the product. Also, you can search for hot-selling Shopify products by category. And you can search for products by keyword.

And they got hand-picked products updated every day. For every product, they offer information like profits, links, video, FB ad engagement, orders, as well as targeting. The information provided is quite comprehensive.

On the Store Analysis page, you can spy on your competitors’ stores. You’ll see his estimated traffic & revenue, recently added products, and best-selling products.

The Video Ad Maker is an exclusive feature Niche Scraper provides. It is very simple to generate a video for your ad. It is very simple for beginners, everybody can handle it in seconds.

What is even better is, that they got tutorial videos for every feature. I think this tool is worth the price it charges, especially if you pay annually.


Pexda is a site that just focuses on product scrapers, so it is extremely simple to hunt for products.

Here is the product search page of Pexda, you can search by niches or keywords. You can preview the uploaded time, orders, and engagement of the FB ad.

On the product report page, we can see the product image and profits. But if want to get more information like product links, FB ad, targeting, and more, you have to pay for a subscription, it starts from $15 to $100, then you can enjoy much more services Pexda provides.

Product Mafia

Product Mafia is an alternative to Ecomhunt, but the site is faster. If you are not a pro member, you can see limited products on the site. But they got a very detailed report for each product. They show you profits, AliExpress data, FB engagement, links, ad copy, Instagram influencers and suggested targeting. Pretty comprehensive information. As a site with a free plan, Product Mafia is recommendable.

And the filter feature is very powerful, you can filter products by niches, latest posted, orders, and more.


Thieve is a completely free site highly integrated with AliExpress and Oberlo.

The site is quite simple and doesn’t provide much information, just product price, orders, and likes. The following are the related products recommended. For all these products you can directly buy from AliExpress or sell with Oberlo. And you can search the product by the image on CJdropshipping or post a sourcing request to CJ to enjoy a better shipping time and service.


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You sell, We source and ship for you!

CJdropshipping is an all-in-one solution platform that provide various services including sourcing, shipping, and warehousing.

The goal of CJ Dropshipping is to help international eCommerce entrepreneurs to achieve business success.