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How Does Dropshipping Work?

Here are six simple steps explaining how drop shipping works::

Step1: Retailer determines a target audience and what products best suit their needs.

Step2: Retailer partners with Suppliers that can fulfill orders on demand.

Step3: Retailer then lists the products on their personal ecommerce website.

Step4: Customer places an order on the Retailers website, typically paying for both the product and shipping fees.

Step5: The Retailer would then contact the Supplier and pay for the goods at a lower rate while giving them the Customer’s credentials as the shipping address.

Step6: Finally the Supplier packs and ships the order directly to Customer.

For visual learners, here’s a chart detailing the supply chain to make it a little easier to understand.

How does dropshipping work

The customer orders a product from your e-commerce website, which is listed at a profitable margin.

You then forward the order details, either manually or automatically, to the supplier, manufacturer or wholesaler.

Then the Supplier charges you for the product at a cheaper rate, and ships the product directly to the Customer. The shipment is sent without an invoice and is marked with your logo. Thus, the customer is none the wiser. This is generally known as “Blind Dropshipping.”

In conclusion, dropshipping is one of the simplest business models to be implemented in the e-commerce industry. You can theoretically run your own dropshipping business from anywhere in the world. If you have a stable internet connection and a laptop you can potentially start today.

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10 hours ago

Hi there !
I would like to praise my new agent June Chen ! I work with CJ almost 3 years and CJ changed me more then 30 agents during this time but my new agent is the best agent which I ever had !

She is soo kind, polite and she is soo sacrificed !
Still if she dont work and if she have free days, she non stop helping me and she go to office becuase she want to help me !
To be honest, I never seen anyting like that and I am proud to see this!
Today was storm in China and she go to office and she was wet and she worked all day still if she dont have obligations to do that !

Looks like Andy Zhou has the best worker !

Lady like June is proof great people still exist and her wish for helping is indescribable !

She giving 120% of her effort ! To be honest, I am happy now becuase I see agent like June becuase she remind me on my first agent which was moved to another department!

I pray and I ask CJ to hold me this amazing agent for lifetime !
And big thank you for Eva Diao which probably forwarded me to amazing June !

Thank you June ! You are the best agent ever 😍!
Cheers 😍🥂🎩
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10 hours ago

Hello Ebay Sellers,

Please guide me.

I have a question, if i dropship from Cjdropshipping and sell on my ebay. While updating tracking details, there is no option to select cjpacket services. How people are doing who are selling to ebay ? How they are updating tracking details ?

Could you please help me ?
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1 day ago

1.000.000 this year. cj be ready. 😎🤣 ... See MoreSee Less

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