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Lazada Expands the Logistics Marketplace! The US Clothing Market’s Peak Season! | eCommerce Weekly News

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eCommerce News Weekly Update Vol 23.

This week we prepared five eCommerce news for you to catch up with.

1. Tik Tok may become the “new frontier” for holiday spending, with clothing expected to be a hot seller

As Tik Tok’s shopping features get better and better, it has become a tool for overseas shoppers to find great deals. Nearly 70% of consumers say they look to Tik Tok for shopping inspiration, and Tik Tok recently announced its predictions for the 2021 holiday shopping season, with clothing expected to be the “top seller” during this year’s holiday sales season.

In addition to fashion, T-shirts, home wear, and other clothing categories, the epidemic has raised awareness of health management, and sportswear and other sportswear will also become a priority for consumers.

2. eBay launches new shop features to help sellers prepare for peak season

Recently, eBay made an announcement about new features for sellers, including a dedicated Seller Central shop tab and a new “About” tab. These new features will help sellers add value to their products by telling their shop and product stories, driving traffic, and showcasing their inventory, making it easier for sellers to prepare for the peak season.

3. eBay Fulfillment UK warehouse is up to speed again

At this time of year, the eBay fulfillment by Orange Connex UK warehouse service program has launched two major operational service upgrades free of charge in time to help eBay UK sellers achieve more orders that can be operated on the same day, allowing express logistics to deliver packages to consumers faster.

These two operational service upgrades will not only allow more items to be shipped out on the same day, increasing the seller’s order rate. And improving logistics efficiency and allowing buyers to receive parcels faster will also improve the satisfaction of the corresponding seller’s shop and increase the shop’s repeat rate. Both buyers and sellers can enjoy more convenient and comfortable service.

4. Lazada expands logistics marketplace for e-commerce sellers

Lazada Logistics, Lazada’s e-commerce logistics service, plans to expand its user market. At present, Lazada logistics services are only available to sellers on the Lazada platform. Lazada says that in the future the service will be available not only to Lazada sellers but also to sellers who are part of various e-commerce platforms.

5. The US clothing market’s peak season! Lightweight and comfortable products are more popular with consumers

A recent study by Rakuten Intelligence predicts that apparel sales in the US market will increase by 30% year-on-year in the fourth quarter, driven by the 2021 holiday shopping season, with Americans spending more on fall and winter clothes. And the US apparel market is expected to see a spike in e-commerce sales in November.

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