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New Facebook Advertising Policies | 6 Hacks to Avoid FB Ad Account Being Banned

Starting from November 17th, 2020, the new policy of daily advertising budget limit and the restriction of new account opening amount has been implemented, aiming to increase the number of high-quality customers. Let’s take a look at the new policy.

Facebook New Policies  
1. Daily advertising budget limit. For new FB account owners who didn’t open their account with a Facebook agent, after opening an FB advertising account, these account owners will have an initial daily advertising budget limit of $450.

2. Hierarchical setting of daily advertising budget limits. Facebook divides the risk levels of ad accounts despite new registered accounts or old accounts and sets different daily limits. The limit amounts from high to low are $1500, $450, $350 and $100. This division has no negative effect on low-risk advertisers. Instead, they can enjoy a higher advertising budget limit than usual, while high-risk users will be placed with a lower daily advertising cost limit. Little remember: if your account has been removed from the daily advertising budget restriction, and your account has high risks in the review. In this case, Facebook will still reset your account’s daily serving limit.

3. Restriction of the new Facebook ad account number. In July 2020, Facebook issued a new policy that some advertisers can only create up to 7 advertising accounts (7 new accounts refer to the total number of accounts opened by all agents) and will continuously adjust the number of new accounts based on risk assessment of the main ad account. And this time, Facebook extended this account number restriction to all Facebook advertisers whether existing users or new registers. And the qualification of opening new advertising accounts will be based on the main ad account’s risk assessments. The highest risk advertising accounts will lose the qualification of opening new accounts. Other account’s account opening qualification is limited from 5-15 accounts based on different risk assessments. However, this restriction does not apply to low-risk advertisers.

4. Check fan pages strictly. Start from Q4, Facebook has intensified its review of fan pages, please pay strong attention to the following points: avatar, cover picture, company profile, posts, fan page name, real interaction with customers. If there is one point that isn’t satisfied, the fan page will easily be blocked, then it will lead to your ad account being blocked or the ad being banned.

How to Reduce FB Ad Account Risk Level?
All these changes will affect your ad account. Obviously, Facebook more focuses on ad account risk assessment now. Watch out the line and follow the rule are always the key. You will have to make sure your FB ads follow Facebook advertising policies and Facebook community rules. Other than that, here are some useful tips for optimizing your FB ad and reducing account risk level.

1. If your personal FB account (not your business account) has been blocked or ad been banned, don’t ever try to use the related personal information you have used for your previous account to register a new account. This will only make things worse, at least not until before the appeal case closed.

2. Create a business account for each subject, matching the same subject account to the corresponding business account. And manage the accounts under different subjects separately.

3. Have a professional fan page.
a) Make sure the fan page can be opened normally(Open to all areas & people, don’t hide from some areas);
b) Avatar, cover picture and fan page name need to correspond with the brand name;
c) The company profile needs to be completed with relevant contact information, website address, company profile, etc;
d) Ensure brand’s consistency, and posts in the fan page must be consistent with the brand mentioned in the ad link;
e) Actively respond to customer needs, establish positive interactions with customers, and reply to customer complaints and bad reviews within 7 days

4. Ads must not contain misleading buttons. The button icons in the picture or video are actually fake buttons and cannot direct to the landing page by clicking the fake button. We suggest removing these elements in your FB ad: “start button”, “pause button”, fake notification icon, checkboxes, radio buttons, or buttons that imply multiple options/actions and also mouse cursor.

5. Don’t add too much text to the ad picture. Consider placing most of the text in the ad text area rather than on the ad picture. If you must use text, please use a smaller font and reduce the text amount to shrink the proportion of text in the picture.

6. For functional products, your FB ad can’t focus on a part of the human body. Especially when you are promoting fitness products, health and beauty products, you must not use the “before and after comparison” image. It applies to lots of contents including health conditions related, hair loss, skincare, weight loss and medical or dental surgery.

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Today was storm in China and she go to office and she was wet and she worked all day still if she dont have obligations to do that !

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Lady like June is proof great people still exist and her wish for helping is indescribable !

She giving 120% of her effort ! To be honest, I am happy now becuase I see agent like June becuase she remind me on my first agent which was moved to another department!

I pray and I ask CJ to hold me this amazing agent for lifetime !
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