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Promotion on TikTok Made Easy… What’s New in Dropshipping?

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CJdropshipping News Weekly Update Vol.15. Here are five pieces of dropshipping news for you to catch up with.

TikTok officially launched a new advertising feature Promote

Through DOU+, you can directly purchase recommendation traffic on TikTok. And Promote is also a paid gameplay for traffic monetization. According to TikTok, with the help of Promote, users can convert videos into advertisements to attract more audiences and direct traffic to their websites.

Videos with too much advertising content, content that may be offensive to audiences, low originality, low video definition, etc. are not recommended for promotion. In addition, TikTok also emphasized that videos related to music copyright cannot be used for promotion.

After the above screening, users can set up promotional activities for this video. Promote divides the promotion goals into three types: more video views, more fans, and more website visits. More website visits can be explained as more TikTok users will be directed to the seller’s website or other shopping platforms. After determining the promotion goal, users can set the budget and promotion duration, and choose the type of audience they want to reach.

The number of active eBay buyers drops to 159 million, the lowest in five years

According to the report, the number of active buyers on eBay in the second quarter of 2021 was the lowest in five years, reaching 159 million. The last time the number of active buyers at this level was in 2016; and at the beginning of 2020, it was 174 million. However, the online market’s revenue has experienced a nearly 19% growth in 2020, which is mainly due to the digital economy brought by the epidemic last year. In fact, this is also the first growth of the online platform since 2017.

FedEx launches FedEx International Connect Plus to increase cross-border transportation potential

According to the reports, FedEx has launched FedEx International Connect Plus, an international day-limited e-commerce transportation service that will increase the cross-border transportation potential in the Asia-Pacific, Middle East, and Africa. This new service has reliable FedEx international day-limited delivery service and professional customs clearance knowledge. It will further support features including tracking, sending notifications to recipients, and flexible changes to delivery options, which give retailers’ customers more visibility, control, and convenience to their online orders.

Shopee may launch a Polish site this autumn

According to MoviesOnline, Sea’s e-commerce platform Shopee plans to launch a Polish site this fall, officially entering the European market. At present, Shopee has purchased the domain name, Shopee.pl. And sellers are expected to register before the end of September. Shopee is also recruiting after-sales service personnel for Polish-speaking users.

It is reported that Shopee will waive sellers’ commission fees for the first 6 months, and allow sellers to have all the access to its sales management and analysis tools. Shopee will also provide buyers with free shipping in the first 6 months after the launch of the Polish site. Shopee said that regardless of the size of the buyer’s order, the choice of parcel lockers, or door-to-door delivery, sellers and customers do not need to pay for the delivery of the goods.

DHL increases capacity in the Asia-Pacific region by 30% to cope with peak cross-border shopping

DHL Express recently stated that to meet the substantial increase in orders and sales caused by the upcoming cross-border shopping season, the company has increased its air freight capacity in Asia by 30% through the newly modified B737-800 freighter. It is reported that this new aircraft is operated by DHL’s partner K-Mile Asia, with a total weekly load of nearly 140 tons, flying from Hanoi to Hong Kong and Bangkok every week, and then returning to Hanoi. This is a 30% increase over the previous capacity carried by the Boeing B737-400SF freighter. As the capacity expands, the frequency of flights will also increase from 5 to 6 per week.


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