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What to Sell in November? High Demand Niches & Products Recommendation

In this article, we will share with you guys the top 100 search keywords on CJ Dropshipping the previous two weeks, which is from October 16th to 30th as well as niches and products with high demand in the coming month.

Here’s the list of the top 100 search keywords from October 16th to October 30th.

The ranking is in descending order by the searches, the same niche has marked with the same colour. There are many niches and products people searched for hundreds of times on CJ Dropshipping. Why people search for these products, not other products? Why you search for a product? Cause people see a demand for it. So these items ranked the top searches may have great demand these days.

You may concern that there are so many sellers searching for it, there must be too fierce competition. The fact is, competition is not a totally bad thing. If there is no competition, there may be no demand at all. You need to stand out from the competition instead of shy away from the competition.

We can see there are many products under the same niche got many searches, like fitness products, pet supplies, and massage products. Pet products are hot all year round, and fitness products and massage products are super hot niches since the COVID-19, so today we will spend no time recommending these products. Q4 is a golden season for dropshipping, many niches are promising, you can succeed more easily than the other three quarters. From the top 100 search keywords, many niches are on trend in the coming month and also the coming season. The following five niches are recommended: Christmas products, winter products, facemasks, apparel, and phone accessories. Let’s see why they are promising and what to sell under each niche.

Niche 1: Christmas Products

Christmas is the most important festival in Q4. People prepare for the festival a month or two months beforehand, so do dropshippers. CJ has received many sourcing requests for Christmas products every day since a month ago, and we can see the keyword Christmas ranked #1 on the list, got 700 growth. Another keyword about Christmas on the top 100 list is the Christmas tree. Sure we can not dropship a Christmas tree, it’s way too large and too heavy for dropshipping; instead, you can sell this DIY felt Christmas tree. Christmas products are typical seasonal products; they got crazy sales before and during the Christmas season. This felt Christmas tree was a proven hot seller the previous year, and it was the top 2 best seller in the last month on CJ. This product will sell like hot cakes in November and the first ten-day period of December.

Another super hot Christmas product is this window projector. It ranked #32 of the best sellers on CJ the previous month. It’s not only a product for Christmas but also a product for Halloween because it includes 12 movies, 6 Christmas movies, and 6 Halloween movies. It was also a hot seller before Halloween. We can see the keyword Halloween ranked #2 on the list, but it got a sharp decline for Halloween was on October 31st, 15 days before the festival was too late to sell Halloween products. One month to two months before the festival is the best period to do the preparation, now it’s the best time to prepare for Christmas.

Then Christmas apparel like Christmas sweaters, family pyjamas, socks, and the like are also hot Christmas products. But for decorations, it’s hard to market. Because for those items, people can do one-stop shopping in Target or Costco, consumers would not like to pay for the shipping fees and wait for sometimes weeks to get the products.

Niche 2: Winter Products

As winter is coming, products for winter, those to keep warm or provide a cozy, comfortable atmosphere in winter become trending. The keywords under this niche are humidifier, winter, blanket, gloves, heated vest, candle, and heater. The humidifier is a trending product for two seasons, summer and winter when the indoor humidity becomes too low as the air conditioner or heater on. Others like blanket, gloves, heated vest and heater are all for winter. There was a keyword candle. We know that candle is no longer a lighting product, candles are usually used to create a cozy, romantic atmosphere. And those beautifully scented candle sets are a nice choice as a Christmas gift or gifts given in other festivals. However, you could have many more options among candle holders, like this Christmas candle holder set or this customized heart-shaped wooden candlestick set, and you can find many other types of candle holders in the CJ marketplace.

Blankets and heated vests are two proven hot sellers in winter. This heating blanket and this lazy blanket are two trending products for blankets.

Niche 3: Masks

Are you thinking masks again? No, not medical masks, medical masks and N95 masks are no longer promising for dropshipping. What’s on trending are these with special designs. Like this Santa Claus mask, LED mask, or custom printed masks, these masks hardly see in local stores would be good to dropship.

Niche 4: Apparel

Apparel is a super hot niche in Q4, the top search keywords under this niche are leggings, hoodie, jacket, and dress. Leggings are hot all year round, there are always new designs, new prints. On cold days, they are fashion items to match tops, jackets, or coats. The demand for hoodies and jackets increase significantly as the weather gets colder. Lovely dresses and warm sweaters all have their place.

Niche 5: Phone Accessories

Phone accessories are extremely hot these days, there were eight search keywords under this niche on the top 100 list, they are wireless charger, phone case, iPhone case, iPhone 12, power bank, phone holder, and charger. The demand for phone accessories got a sharp increase these days, as the new iPhone 12 launched. People buy new iPhones, so they will need new phone accessories to go with the new phone, like a new phone case for iPhone 12. So if you want to do this niche, do it right now, don’t fall behind others, and lose the market.

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14 hours ago

# **How do I run email marketing?**

I have broken down the basics of email marketing here for you, hope it helps you out.

When it comes to email marketing, there are always 2 types of subscribers

1: Your existing Email List

2: New Traffic

Now both of them are treated differently.
# **Your Existing Email List:**

Start sending engagement emails based on their behavior and promotional emails as well, according to the action they took.

You can add discounts in promotional emails but the reason we don't do discounts much and focus on establishing relationships is so we don't lose profits.

International Calendar is carefully observed and studied so we can do special events and campaigns as well. But the main aim is simple. Establish a connection, send consuming content, make them hot and convert the connection into sales.
# **Traffic Through Ads:**

For new and upcoming traffic, we simply set up email funnels. Email funnels depend upon the nature of the store, however, this is the list of flows that are a must for every store.
* Abandoned cart
* Welcome series
* 10% off hot list
* customer thank you
* repeat customer
* customer win-back
* sunset flow
* Site Abandoned
* Browse Abandoned

Any other behavior that you think can be automated, you can use it as well to create a funnel.

Each of them as you can tell, treat the traffic according to their behavior

Ensure that subscribers in your campaign list don't become overlap with the people in your email funnels because of two main reasons.
# **Reason # 1**

Every email funnel is taking a subscriber to its own special journey, overlapping will disturb your core, decrease your average order value, and increase the un-subscription rate.
# **Reason # 2**

We don't want a customer/subscriber to become uncomfortable by sending too many emails

Hope this helps out. Lastly, if you are just starting out, this plan of action is not for you. At the start all you need is an Abandoned cart, 10% off hot list, Customer Thank you & Repeat Customer funnels. Once you have scaled out, you can use this pretty easily.
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Hello Everyone

I am trying to add a product to eBay for the first time but it is showing me this error:

It looks like there's a problem with this listing.
To maintain a safe trading environment, eBay places limits on the number of categories sellers can list. Currently, you do not have required permission to sell in this category. If you wish to sell in this category, please create a business plan and write to

Can anyone please help?
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On the product page > Comment, you can:

**1. Rate the description** ✨

**2. Leave your feedback** 💬

Our sourcing staff will get back in 1-2 working days.
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I thought that CJ stocked the products that are on their website in their warehouses? I seem to be wrong. Do they just buy in from suppliers when we place orders? ... See MoreSee Less

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😱 Are you worried about eBay closing your account? One of the MOST important ways to protect yourself is to hide your IP using a VPN or VPS. Check out Stan’s video to learn how to use VPN correctly to protect your eBay account ... See MoreSee Less

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