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Best Dropshipping Products for

Best 10 Dropshipping Product Ideas for November 2021

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The winter is coming, are you ready for digging more amazing products with proven potential to sell this November? We are in Q4 now, and earlier you take action, you can have more opportunities to find a killer product to get sales in this season.

In the following list, as a reference for dropshippers, we collected ten products that are 100% recommended for this November.

1. 5-in-1 Hair Styler

This 5-in-1 hair styler comes with five interchangeable brush attachments that make straightening, curling, volumizing, and scalp massaging all together. Combining blow drying with styling brushes, can fit different hair lengths and create different styles.

Hair related topic has received a lot of attention from people.

This kind of product went viral on a social media platform like TikTok, this post has reached over 1.8M plays and more than 200K likes. Over one thousand people reacted and left their comments.

Ladies can use this styler to create many different kinds of hairstyles and looks, following their favorite YouTubers. With this multi-function tool, they don’t even need to go out to those expensive hair salons. Choose an attractive and SEO-friendly listing and this can be a good choice for a one-product store. This amazing hair styler is definitely worth a try.

2. Inflatable Christmas Decoration

One of the clues to finding trendy products is to follow the seasons and special events. Finally, people are approaching the last two months of this year, Christmas is just around the corner thus the searching on Christmas-related topics just increased so crazy these days on Amazon.

If you search on this kind of inflatable props you can find there are various looks you can choose from, you can also find many five-star messages from people and it turns out to be a popular choice as an outdoor decoration for Christmas.

It is perfect for festival parties among families and brings up the mood, people will love to shoot some creative videos or photos and share the joy together.

3. DIY Hama Beads Kit

Recently,  a post about iron beads just goes viral suddenly, got 301.9K views and more than 34K likes on Tiktok. Check the latest google trends graph, you can see that the search for Christmas gift ideas for kids is just on the rise.

Little kids from 2 to 3 years old can start to build objects of various shapes such as simple towers and tall buildings using this Hama beads kit. In the process of building blocks, the small muscles of children’s hands are exercised, the sensitivity and accuracy of the fingers are improved, and the coordination and use of the eyes, hands, brain and other organs are all able to be developed.

This kind of DIY Hama beads kit is a wonderful Christmas gift idea for kids. And for dropshippers, it is a good chance to look into this product and how made a profit from it.

4. Thickened High-Waist Leggings

The next product is the thickened high-waist leggings for women. In the winter as the temperature goes down, people are starting to look for thickened outfits to wear warmer. Ladies tend to order thicked leggings which can both keep them warm and show their curves. This kind of warm leggings always sells well.

More and more people hope their outfits for winter can be both warm and stylish instead of looking like a bear in the winter. A video to show how fashion influencers dress up with warm leggings in the winter does attract many interests from people, especially females.

What’s more, you can dropship this kind of leggings at a quite low price, you can see this black one only costs $6.94 on CJ, with a $6.58 and 7-15 day fast shipping to the US. The total dropshipping price is  $13.52.

You can see from the big data analysis from the market, the price on CJ is lower than the average, so there will be a margin for you to set your price smartly.

5. Winter Ankle Booties

The next product on the list is also a seasonal product and is perfect for the coming winter snow boots. Recently the interest in winter shoes is going up again, and you can find the orders are increasing too on the marketplace.

When searching out on Amazon, some stores will be found that have already got over 10000 ratings and the latest reviews are all going great.

If you are looking for seasonal products to sell this November, then you will like to try the winter ankle booties.

6. Plush Pet Bed Mats

Have you already prepared anything for your pet this winter yet? Not only humans, but your pets also need to make themselves warmer from the cold.

In this graph you can find that people are starting to find pet mats online, the trend is going up. You can take a look at this washable plush pet sofa.

The three-sided bolster design of the pet bed mat provides a stylish and incredibly comfy nesting space for pets. This kind of pet mat received a lot of good reviews from people since it is so practical. It is capable of many different places in your home, to protect the floor, the furniture, meanwhile providing a warm and calming area for pets, especially for the pets with larger sizes.

7. Portable Car Heater

When you are driving outside in the winter, you will know how annoying to wait for your engine to warm up and how easy the front glass is going to be frozen. This portable car heater can quickly raise the temperature in your car. It is suitable for all 12V vehicles in the car, camping, and travel de-fogging or defrosting.

It has 2 in 1 cooling and heating functions to choose from and is also very easy to take out and install. So this product has a broad market base. 

When we go back and see from the big data analysis result, the estimated sales quantity will reach a peak in November, which is a good chance for dropshippers.

If you are looking for suppliers, you can find similar products on CJdropshipping, which will only cost you $2.14 for the car heater and  $12.66 as a total dropshipping price including 8-15 days fast shipping to the US.

8. Chargeable Coffee Grinder

What else sells well recently is the electric coffee grinder. These kinds of products bring many orders a day on Amazon, for some stores, the daily sales even reached to over a thousand orders. What makes this kind of chargeable coffee grinder special is was designed to be portable, USB charging with a durable stainless steel shell.

It can be charged by your mobile phone in emergencies outdoors, and be held comfortably in your hand to take it anywhere and enjoy a cup of coffee.

9. Cocktail Shaker Set

The next product is a cocktail shaker set. As a seasonal product, the trend is rising again this time. You can see from the online store data, these kinds of cocktail shakers are doing well recently, the monthly sales are increasing, and the ranking of keywords is also on the rise.

Surely that there will be many parties with families and friends in Q4,  with this professional quality drink shaker set, people can make drinks at home by themselves and raise the party atmosphere.

It can be also a good choice as a gift: thoughtful bar accessories for the home bar set for friends, families, colleagues, clients, and business partners. On AliExpress you can see cocktail shaker set has got amazing 3458 orders and 1177 reviews.

If you are looking for items with lower cost, you can find the set on CJ, 22-piece cocktail shaker set only costs $12.19, you can choose CJPacket Ordinary and the total dropshipping price will be  $38.91 for the whole set.

10. Silicone Phone Case for iPhone 13

Thanks to the release of the iPhone new series, the iPhone accessories keep being super hot in this period. For example, this related post about the iPhone case on Tiktok with more than 45K views and 7000 likes.

Same time to take a look at the google trends, we can see there is still a big interest in the phone case.

Now the product price of the phone case is only $2.13 on CJ. The shipping cost is also affordable, like $4.67, by CJPacket YT US Ordinary with a 7-15 days shipping. So the total dropshipping price will be  $6.80.


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You sell, We source and ship for you!

CJdropshipping is an all-in-one solution platform that provide various services including sourcing, shipping, and warehousing.

The goal of CJ Dropshipping is to help international eCommerce entrepreneurs to achieve business success.