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10 Best Proven Dropshipping Products for February 2022 | Trending Products on Facebook

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Take this top 10 winning FB product list for your February selling right now! If you are looking for proven sellers with proven FB ads that go viral recently, here are ten winning products on FB  that go crazy recently with thousands of likes, shares, and reviews.

Dreamy Planet Projector

Statement lighting decors are definitely one of the trending product catalogs in early 2022, so if you are dropshippers who are in related niches or sub-niches, there are still many chances for you to dig in and find out more cool and unique lighting products to help consumers to decorate their rooms and make sales.

So our first product is this dreamy planet projector that is a new product and got increasing sales on AliExpress recently. Just like its name, close the curtain and turn on this projector, you can have a super cool full moon or earth on your bedroom wall.

By filming a wonderful video, this kind of lighting decor product can get a lot of engagement easily on FB.

Solar Wind Chime Light

Except for indoor lighting decor, people’s interest in outdoor lighting is also increasing sharply. If you want to explore more specific niches, to differ your store from other competitors, garden lighting can be a good way to go.

This wind chime light has made over one thousand orders on AliExpress so it is an absolutely proven seller, if you are thinking about what to sell for the coming spring season, you can also try this kind of outdoor décor lighting.

It is solar powered so you can hang it outside like in your courtyards, front porches, or just outside the window, when the night comes it will light up in different colors as well as play pleasant sounds in the breeze.

Dropshippers can find the solar wind chime light at only $2.83, the shipping may cost you back like $10, you can have a perfect mark-up on the product.

Name Stamp for Clothes

It is a very cool problem solver for big families with many kids, using this stamp you can mark your name on the clothes so that your clothes won’t get mixed up with others.

Recently you can see their ads just go viral on the FB that have already got 23K likes, over 6K shares, and 8K comments and that’s crazy.

So we know that people love this idea and need this kind of product since it can really help to solve problems.

If we go to check the real-time sales in an online store, we can see that this product just gets sales every few minutes constantly, so this name stamp is a real winning product.

There are suppliers who support customizing different names on the stamps, and the stamp only costs about $5 for each and the shipping cost is also lower since this product is small and lightweight, so it can leave you with a bigger profit margin.

Reusable Nano Magic Tape

The next product is another problem solver that has already made over one thousand sales on AliExpress called reusable nano magic tape.

The reason why this kind of gadget got super hot among people is that they are so useful in our daily life. This tape is made of carbon nanotubes, it can be cut in any size, to be pasted anywhere so that you can hang basically whatever you want without hurting the wall or other surfaces.

This tape is also reusable, you can even wash it before using it again, moreover, it is made to be environmentally friendly and that’s more and more people tend to pursue in the future.

What’s else I really like about this kind of useful gadget is that the product and shipping costs are super affordable for dropshippers, you can sell them in sets or create some bundles to make more sales easily.

Mini Electronic Screwdriver

The next hot-selling home improvement gadget is this mini electronic screwdriver. It’s not hard to tell how people love and need this kind of portable home improvement helper, you can see from this FB ad, which has been published just a few days before, but it has already reached 2.3 k likes and got hundreds of comments and shares.

This electronic screwdriver is designed lightweight and portable and has many different attachments so it is multi-functional for many different applications.

It is also USB chargeable, so people will want to have a set of this kind of electronic screwdriver in case they need to fix or assemble something at home. For sellers, it is a bit higher ticket product so you are looking at a higher profit margin.

Smart Sensing Snake Toy

Turn on the switch, this little snake will start to slither around like a real snake. Pets will definitely love it since they are interested in every little thing moving around and they are ready to hunt for it.

Take a look at their FB ads you can see it has already got 2.7k likes and 609k views on the video and that’s just so crazy.

Or let’s also check the sales volume on AliExpress, over 3000 sales just have been made and there are over 1000 reviews with a still high rating that 4.8 out of 5 stars, so this snake toy is a winning product for sure.

You can see from tons of reviews how pet owners and their pets love it and how much fun this little toy brings them.

And all this feedback, like pictures and videos to show how your pet love this toy can be put on your product page or in the ads to have more engagement from the target audience on Facebook. 

Pet Snow Boots

It still winters now for people who live in the northern hemisphere. So the warmer products are still in great demand among people and so are pet products. You can see from the recently FB ads that such winter clothes for pets are receiving people’s constant interest.

If you are looking for pet products, these pet snow boots are a good choice for now.

Posture Correcting Bra

Posture correcting bras are super hot on Facebook recently, and that’s the reason to have it on today’s list. You can see one ad even got 18K likes on Facebook and thousands of comments and shares, these bars are winning female customers’ hearts.

Ladies now are looking for underclothes to wear more comfortably as well as to shape their body line, and that’s why this kind of posture correcting bra is selling well recently.

Dropshippers will also love this product since suppliers are offering relatively lower costs so that you can create different kinds of bundles or upsells to make sure you have a satisfying product mark-up.

Waterproof Outdoor Flashlight

The next product that falls on the outdoor niche, is the waterproof outdoor flashlight. Again outdoor niche is expected to have great potential in 2022.

And one of the trending outdoor products is the waterproof outdoor flashlight as you can see from the google search graph, and it is also seen a huge spike up during the recent few months.

For outdoor sports lovers, the flashlight is a definite must-have to light up their horizon and keep them safe in dark places, so there’s no wonder that outdoor flashlight is always in great demand.

So far this kind of outdoor flashlight costs only $6.77 per item, the shipping may cost you about $10 additionally, you could still set the price at $49.99 or so to have a good profit margin.

Herb Cleaning Mask Stick

The last product that got super hot on Facebook is this kind of herb cleaning mask stick.  So far these ads got over 22K likes and 4.8K shares and that’s crazy.

Moreover, it got 12K comments under this post which means there are thousands of people who see this product and show their interest.

This kind of herb cleaning mask stick also got many sales on the CJ marketplace recently, what we can see from this is that actually, people tend to choose skincare product which is made of natural ingredient and in a more convenient way to use.

If you are sellers who want to step into the beauty niche, you can definitely explore these kinds of products or even build a brand around them.


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You sell, We source and ship for you!

CJdropshipping is an all-in-one solution platform that provide various services including sourcing, shipping, and warehousing.

The goal of CJ Dropshipping is to help international eCommerce entrepreneurs to achieve business success.