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5 Major Event Recaps of the Ecom World in November | Dropshipping News

Here are five quick news that may affect your e-commerce business.
1. All cargo flights of CA are cancelled from 1st-10th Dec.
2. Rejected packages exported to the US? China Post clear rumours.
3. Aliexpress is no longer accept new Indian orders.
4. Wish parent company submits a listing application.
5. Amazon system broke down on Black Friday.

All Cargo Flights of CA are Cancelled from 1st-10th Dec.

Affected by the increasing number of the epidemic outbreak, a large scale of ground staff from Los Angeles airport have been infected with COVID-19. It is reported that: Air China has issued a notice stating that they will cancel all LAX cargo flights from December 1st to 10th, and the restoration time is to be determined! China Southern Airlines cancelled 10 flights in early December, and it is expected that China Eastern Airlines will follow up

The flights that have departed may be unmanned and unoperated at Los Angeles airport. It is expected that parcels pass through California may experience extensive delays in early December. Due to the shortage of workforce, all cargo operations of LAX California have ceased. The local goods that have entered the airport warehouse are ready to be returned, and the goods that have been out of the port are also ready to be returned. If you are targeting the US market, be prepared with increasing logistics expenses and parcel delays. Searching for a US local supplier will be your top solution.

Rejected Packages Exported to the US? China Post Clear Rumours

The US stop act will be effected on January 1st, 2021, which means that packages will be difficult to pass the US customs. Once the relevant data forms are filled in incorrectly or incompletely, these parcels will face mandatory return to the origin place. Many cross-border sellers are concerned about whether will Epacket parcels also face such problems.

However, China Post recently issued a clarification statement regards on 2021 the US stop act that requires EAD (Electronic Advance Customs Information) information for inbound items. China Post has reached a solution The UPU (Universal Postal Union) Information System transmits EAD information for all-item-type mail since 2019. According to statistics from the UPU and the USPS, the customs clearance and delivery of mail sent to the United States through China postal channels are normal. Epacket parcels exported to the United States won’t be denied entry due to incomplete information.

AliExpress is no Longer Accepting New Indian Orders

Recently, Aliexpress released the “Follow-up Arrangements for Indian Country Transactions.” Aliexpress said that on November 24th, the ministry of electronics and information technology of India officially announced the ban on 43 Chinese applications, including Aliexpress. Based on the above reasons, Aliexpress will not be able to continue to provide services to Indian users.
The specific arrangements for orders from India are as follows: Starting from November 30th, Beijing time, AliExpress will not accept new orders with the delivery address of India. For orders that have not been shipped so far, the merchant can decide whether to continue shipping or not.
For orders that are shipped before November 30th and are still in transit, if the customer initiates a dispute about not receiving the parcel, and there is no abnormality in the logistics and the parcel is not properly delivered before the deadline, a full refund will be given to the customer. If a parcel is destroyed or returned due to customs detention, Aliexpress will determine and deal with it based on the evidence provided by both customer and seller parties.

Wish Parent Company Submits a Listing Application

On October 20th, Wish’s parent company ContextLogic submitted an IPO prospectus to the US securities commission, planning to list on the Nasdaq Stock Exchange, with the stock code “WISH”.
Foreign media reported that Wish is expected to raise more than $1 billion in funds this time, and its market value will exceed $10 billion. So far, Wish has raised a total of 1.6 billion US dollars, and investors include General Atlantic, Founders Fund and GGV Capital. According to the prospectus, in the nine months ending September 30th, 2020, Wish’s revenue was $1.75 billion, an increase of 32% compared to $1.33 billion in the same period last year

Amazon System Broke Down on Black Friday

on October 26th, the Amazon backstage had largely display problems, even the shipment creation feature was affected. After the seller’s shipment was created, 0 SKU was displayed in the store. Some sellers said that the current sales data has been displayed as 0 even with sales. This time is due to disrupted Amazon cloud services, lots of websites and services were affected. According to reports, Amazon web services issued a notice stating that there was a problem with the Kinesis service that processes streaming media data, which increased the error rate of many websites. The crash also affected its ability to post updates to the status page. Last year Black Friday, there were also system problems, the coupon setting was abnormal caused by system delay. At present, the Amazon system has been restored. Until now, these system problems haven’t effect for order placing feature. However, it is hard to say how much impact it affect sellers.

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