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What to Do If Facebook Ad Account Get Banned?

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As CJ Dropshipping’s business grows bigger and bigger, our agents always receive complaints from our customers like these. “Oh, my Facebook ads got blocked, my business has been destroyed,” ” I just purchased a lot of private inventory, but suddenly my Facebook ads have been banned, all my money was in vain. What should I do?” Just take a deep breath and stay calm. Panic doesn’t help with anything; it only messes up your mind and wastes unnecessary energy.

Some of our big clients continue to advertise after their Facebook advertisement has been blocked. Disabled Facebook ads are just a small road bump for them. And some others may just give up their dropshipping business from there. In this article, we are going to discuss this in three parts: common reasons why your Facebook ads got banned, emergency interventions, and how to avoid this situation in the beginning stage.

Why Facebook Banned Your Ads

There are many reasons why Facebook banned ads or ad accounts. Most of the time is due to several reasons violating Facebook’s terms and conditions. Sometimes you know why sometimes just totally have no clue. Here are some common reasons for Facebook dropshipping ads.


The copyright is the biggest NO on advertising. Are you selling toys with the Disney logos or maybe Marvel’s pictures? They are hot selling products once you list them to your store; however, these products that have Disney or Marvel’s image became so popular because these companies spend tons of money on lawsuits for the copyright.

Disney is making sure that no one else can sell their branded staff. Another typical case is you just used other people’s videos and pictures to advertise. Of course, you will get banned from it.


If you are selling lingerie, nudity can be an easy-to-reach issue. The scale of advertising is difficult to grasp. Be careful about your ads and avoid sexual implications. Or you could try to get into a whitelist like NuBra, and then you could run your ads without supervision.

Many bad reviews or reports

If there are many bad reviews regarding your ads, like customers complaining about the late shipment, and receiving impaired products, the product doesn’t match the ad. All these bad reviews will cause a red flag on your ad, and then your ad will be manually reviewed by a real human being. They could ban your ads regards endangered Facebook interests, or maybe it’s a click-bait.


Facebook knows well about how clickbait work and they don’t like it. Many people were always saying Facebook doesn’t like dropshipping this business model. This stereotype is formed because many dropshippers advertised like click-bait, exaggerated titles and functions, or when customers click the web page, noticing ad product description doesn’t match at all, missing after-sell service information, and the landing page is an invalid link. All these will be considered low-quality ads by Facebook.

What’s Your Emergency Interventions

Now we have talked about the common reasons why your ads got banned. Don’t worry about it. We still get chances to get your ads back running. Let’s see how we can fix it at this stage.

Fix the issues of why your ads got banned

You may know more or less why your ad is banned. Try to fix the issues why your ads got banned from. For example, you directly download videos somewhere and use them for your ads. The original video source owns the copyright of your video. They could report you for using their video, and in the meantime, Facebook will detect the frequent use of the same video.

In dropshipping industry, people commonly use the same video from the supplier. In this case, it’s better to have your hot-selling products’ videos or photos re-shoot or at least re-edict the original videos before running your ads.

Contact Facebook fills an appeal

When your ad account got banned, you usually will see this notification: your ad account has been flagged for policy violations. Any ads you’re running have been turned off, if you believed this is a mistake, please contact us. Click the contact us, just follow the step and fill in the necessary information to explain your situation and make an appeal to Facebook to get your account back.

But be careful about your language cause there are real human beings reviewing your requests. Being polite and respectful may not help a lot, but don’t watch out your language will definitely ruin your appeal. If you keep receiving the same template from contact us, don’t get frustrated. Just retry it.

Contact Facebook support

If you still didn’t get any progressive response from the “contact us,” you could contact Facebook support. You could go to https://www.Facebook.com/business/help/support. On the left, you will find “get started” click it, then select policy & account security to go to the next page. At the bottom, you will find a chat with a representative. Just fill in the query for necessary info, and you could chat with a representative in minutes.

Use a new ad account or create a new manager account

If one of your ad accounts has been blocked; just running your ad on your backup ad account. Don’t forget to solve your ad issues first, then run it in your backup account. Otherwise, it will lead to your backup account being disabled. A manager account is allowed to have multiple sub-accounts. If you don’t have a backup sub-account, you could try to create a new sub-account.

But be careful, this procedure might fail because you already have a disabled account under your manager account. The worst-case scenario is your manager account also being disabled. In this case, you will have to create a new manager account by using all different information, like other phone numbers, email, and credit cards. Otherwise, your new manager account will not be approved cause your info has been blocked in the Facebook system.

How to Avoid It in The Beginning Stage

We have talked about how to deal with ads banned or account disabled situations, but it will be great if we can nip them in the bud. Once you make sure about ads context, your store web page, Facebook page, and ads manager account for these four main parts for precaution wise. You are good to go.

Ads context.

  1. Make sure you are using Use 1080p HD videos or high-quality pictures.
  2. It’s better to mail sample products to photographers to make your unique videos. If you’re using videos downloaded from somewhere, be aware of the copyright and at least edict it first before running ads.
  3. Be careful with emojis. Using emojis in your ad might be creative. However, certain emojis will cause unnecessary misunderstandings.
  4. No discrimination
  5. Don’t false advertising. Targeting the wrong group of people will make you receive a lot of negative feedback, including hiding posts, and reports as spam.
  6. Follow Facebook’s advertising policies and terms of service. I know it’s hard, but still, try to follow it. I have posted the link in the description section. You guys could check it out.

Store Web Page

  1. Use a “.com” as your domain name. “.com” as the domain name will increase the reliability of your website. “.net,” “.co,” and “.us” are common domains, but not as serious as “.com.”
  2. Have custom contexts. Don’t just copy and paste other people’s context. When Facebook reviews your store and found the same context in which they have seen it somewhere else, they could determine your site as a fraud or scam. For example, when you are listing products from CJ, you could use the edict before listing feature to edict the context.
  3. Have an about us page. On the about us page, you could shortly introduce your brand and yourself, mark your location, and detailed contact information to reach out.
  4. Have a clear refund and return policy. To provide a better consumer experience, you can’t offer an after-sell service without telling customers about your refund and return policy.
  5. Have blog section and post blogs on your store.

Build your company’s Facebook page

Having your store’s Facebook page is showing you are serious about your business, you are not just randomly creating a page, and running ads wanna take people’s money. You could get your page verified as a company. Well, it isn’t easy.

However, if you have all the legal documents like a business license, go for it. It will help you to get on Facebook’s whitelist. Inviting your friends and family members to like your page, it will make your page looks more reliable on Facebook. And continuously posting blogs on your page, not too often, just every two weeks or every month will be nice. You could just post the same blogs to your store and Facebook page.

Use an ad manager account 

To run your ads and create as multiple sub-accounts as many you can for backup purposes.

Until now, you have known about how to prevent your ad or ad account from being banned, and the emergency procedures deal with disabled ads and accounts. If you are currently experiencing this horrible situation, we hope this article could help you out. 


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CJdropshipping is an all-in-one solution platform that provide various services including sourcing, shipping, and warehousing.

The goal of CJ Dropshipping is to help international eCommerce entrepreneurs to achieve business success.