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Is Candlelight Aroma Diffuser Good to Sell

Is Candlelight Aroma Diffuser Good to Sell?

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In the dropshipping industry, aroma diffuser products have been a popular niche for a long time. In many Top 10 dropshipping winning product recommendation list articles and videos, there often will be a place for aroma diffusers or air humidifiers.

If you are a dropshipping beginner and do not know what to sell, then starting with an aroma diffuser would be a good choice. Thus, today we will talk about this trendy candlelight aroma diffuser which was recommended by experienced CJ sourcing agents, to see if it’s a good product to sell.

Does this candlelight aroma diffuser have the potential to become a winning product for dropshipping? Let’s find out.

Candlelight Aroma Diffuser

Selling Potential

Market Trend

According to Google trends, the term “aroma diffuser” is popular from September to December every year. In the last year, the search trend for “aroma diffuser” had been increasing since September and then reached a peak in December.

This year, the search trend is increasing again from the Middle of August. Thus, we can see that the selling season of aroma diffuser products starts in September. If you want to sell the related products, this September is the best time to prepare and list the product in your store.

Product Feature

  • Candlelight with Aroma Diffuser: The aroma diffuser also has multifunctions. It generates warm candlelight lighting, which can be used for bedroom illumination.
  • Large Capacity: The product is able to maintain 120ml of liquid, and there is no need to add water to it constantly. Once filled with water, customers can directly drop the essential oil into the water for aromatherapy.
  • Safe to Use: The product comes with a built-in smart chip, which monitors the water level in the container. When the water runs out, it will automatically turn off the power for saving energy and safety.
  • Quiet Operation: When the product is turned on, the operating sound volume is around 30-40dB. This sound volume is lower than whispering and you can use it anytime.
Candlelight aroma diffuser is durable


Checking with google, the average rating of the candlelight aroma diffuser is above 4.5. This is a good rating for a dropshipping product. It means this product does not have many aftersale issues. Yet, because there is no same product on Amazon and only a limited amount of reviews on other platforms for this product, so the rating may not able to reflect the actual user experience from customers.

On Aliexpress, one customer reported about the product was dirty and not functioning well, then required customer service to show how to operate the device. In order to solve this kind of issue, it might be better to have a sample on your hand if you want to sell this product as a winning product.

Candlelight Aroma Diffuser Ratings on AliExpress


Searching in Google Shopping, the selling price of candlelight aroma diffusers is around $25 – $36 including the shipping fee. Considering the dropshipping cost, individual sellers should set the store price above $30 to get a higher profit rate.

As for shipping time, most stores set up 18-25 days of shipping time for candlelight aroma diffusers. Thus, if you want to sell this product as a winning product, the ideal shipping time of your store should be less than 18 days.

Candlelight Aroma Diffuser Price

Dropshipping Costs & MOQ

Shipping Rates

Shipping aroma diffuser products can cost a lot of budgets. Because usually, these products are large and heavy. In dropshipping business, such large products often come with a high shipping price.

Furthermore, many aroma diffuser products contain essence oil, so they will be categorized as liquid contain products when shipping. Most shipping companies only provide limited shipping lines for products containing liquid, and these shipping lines usually are slower than other shipping methods.

So shipping aroma diffuser products is not an easy task. However, the package of the candlelight aroma diffuser does not include oil inside, so dropshippers can use faster shipping methods when selling it.

Candlelight Aroma Diffuser Size

CJ Dropshipping

  • Total Dropshipping Cost: $14.22
  • Processing time: 3-4 days
  • Shipping time: 8-18 days
  • Shipping method: CJPacket Sensitive

On CJ Dropshipping, the total dropshipping cost of the aroma diffuser is $14.22 for US orders. The price includes $6.45 for the product and $7.77 for shipping.

The recommended shipping method is CJ packet sensitive, it got a fair price and can deliver the product within 8-18 days after dispatch. Also, the 3-4 daysprocessing time is good for a dropshipping product.

Candlelight Aroma Diffuser Price On CJ Dropshipping


  • Total Dropshipping Cost: $15.72
  • Processing time: 1-5 days
  • Shipping time: 25 days
  • Shipping method: AliExpress Standard Shipping

On AliExpress, most sellers sell the aroma diffuser for around $15. The top store priced this product at $15.72 with free shipping service available.

Besides, the shipping time is estimated at 25 days for US orders. Currently, the only available shipping method is AliExpress standard shipping.

Candlelight Aroma Diffuser Price on AliExpress


On both platforms, the total dropshipping cost of a candlelight aroma diffuser is similar. Still, CJ Dropshipping got more advantages in price and shipping time than AliExpress.

Comparing the price, each unit of the aroma diffuser is $1.5 cheaper on CJ Dropshipping than AliExpress. This price difference will be significant when it comes to bulk orders.

Also, CJ Dropshipping got a faster shipping method for this product. If you need a better shipping method for selling this product as a winning product, then CJ packet sensitive will be a good choice.


Normally, the candlelight aroma diffuser is used in the bedroom, so it must be safe to use. Thus we confirmed with the supplier about the quality certifications of the product.

Both the suppliers from AliExpress and CJ Dropshipping are able to provide the essential certifications including CE and RoHS for this product. So dropshipping this product is totally safe and legit.

In addition, the supplier from CJ Dropshipping has years of experience in manufacturing aroma diffuser and humidifier products. They can ensure the quality of their product and they are also able to provide complete aftersale service.

If you want to show the certifications in your store, you can contact and ask the suppliers directly to send them to you.

Candlelight Aroma Diffuser  Certifications
Candlelight Aroma Diffuser Factory


After consulting the supplier, we confirmed that the candlelight aroma diffuser supplier on CJ Dropshipping is willing to provide customizable packaging for clients. If you want to print your own brand logo on the product, you can contact the supplier directly to ask how to achieve it.

However, the supplier can’t give an exact customization cost. Because it depends on the order quantity and exact customization content. So if you want to know the actual real-time cost of the customization, feel free to contact CJ agents to get more details.

Candlelight Aroma Diffuser Package


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You sell, We source and ship for you!

CJdropshipping is an all-in-one solution platform that provide various services including sourcing, shipping, and warehousing.

The goal of CJ Dropshipping is to help international eCommerce entrepreneurs to achieve business success.