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Is Lamp Humidifier Profitable to Sell?

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Night lamps and air humidifiers are two home necessities for most people, especially those living in comparatively dry regions. Thus, it is fair to say that they are also two niche dropshipping products. But imagine what if these two products combine? With both the features of night lamps and air humidifiers, the lamp humidifier is becoming increasingly popular in the market.

Hence this article, which aims to share some practical information with dropshippers intrigued by it. If you want to make a fortune from this product, missing this article would be the last thing you can ever think of.

Product image of the lamp humidifier.

Selling Potential of Lamp Humidifier

Market Trend

Authoritatively, the result on Google Trends demonstrates that the popularity of the lamp humidifier has seen a huge fluctuation over the course of a year. Yet, its overall trend is positive. It still shows a rising trend recently. Therefore, it is a great opportunity to catch the tide now.

Moreover, this product has been popular in North America and favored by customers from America and Canada. This means the pie there is big enough for you to grab a bite if that is also your ideal marketplace. For dropshippers from other areas, this means that you can be among the pioneers who stand a chance to reap tons of profits. A golden rule for those who want to sell this product: be patient and attentive.

google trend of lamp humidifier.

Product Features of Lamp Humidifier

  • Crystal Rose Lamp Humidifier: Both humidifier and atmosphere lamp! Turn on this atmosphere lamp, it shines like a diamond, reflecting the reflection of blooming roses. This crystal lamp is simple, luxurious, comfortable, and romantic. Suitable for home, bedroom, living room, and table decoration
  • Pleasant Room Atmosphere: Whether in the bedroom, living room, or office, the three light modes can be adjusted. Click the button to switch between white light, warm white light, and warm light modes. Soft and warm light does not dazzle, comfortable for you to sleep.
  • Fine Mist Volume: 900ML large capacity water tank with nanometer water particles as fine as smoke, two spray modes can be switched by one key at random, press the key for 2 seconds to start the continuous spray mode, press the key for 2 seconds again to start the intermittent spray mode, and press the key for the third time to close all spray modes.
  • Low Noise: This low-noise humidifier has almost no sound during operation. It will not disturb you when you sleep or work. It can effectively moisturize dry skin and help you reduce skin peeling.
  • Great Gift: Power-off protection, direct injection 6 hours/10 hours of intermittent automatic power-off, the humidifier is an excellent Christmas gift, an ideal gift for family, friends, lovers, etc.
product image of lamp humidifier.


The ratings of lamp humidifiers are remarkably positive on many e-commerce platforms. For instance, the review AliExpress is 5 out of 5, a perfect score. Customers seem to recognize the functionality and warm atmosphere the product has to offer.

As far, only a few customers have left a comment on the product, despite the two positive reviews. This means that the product might be moderate, without much to criticize or appraise. This should be taken into account when you prepare to sell it in your store.

Without many reviews to take for reference, the quality of the product can be difficult to spot from store to store. Therefore, for a successful dropshipping career, you should pay a high premium when it comes to selecting a supplier.

product review of lamp humidifier.


The market prices of one piece of lamp humidifier are around 35$. This price, however, is significantly higher than the one we represent today, which only stands at aournd 15$.

A price lower than the average marketplace means that you can be very competitive and thus outperform your competitors. A moderate price is enough for you to gain a huge market share.

For instance, you may simply set up the price at 30$ or slightly more, as the average market profits should be twice your cost. For your reference, you may compare the price from the following two dropshiping platforms so as to pick a supplier.

google price for lamp humidifier.

Dropshipping Costs of Lamp Humidifier

Shipping Rates

The lamp humidifier combines the feature of the night lamp and air humidifier, which can also be a decoration while serving its original function. Versatile as it is, customers can save the trouble of buying an additional lamp.

The shipping cost of the lamp humidifier is only slightly higher than the product itself, standing at $7.72 on CJ, a comparatively affordable cost even if you just set off for a dropshipping business.

More importantly, the product market is large and the user coverage is wide, without restrictions on crowds, regions, religions, and seasons.

product image of lamp humidifier.

CJ Dropshipping

  • Total Dropshipping Cost: $13.84
  • Processing time: 1-3 days
  • Shipping time: 9-13 days
  • Shipping method: CJPacket FJ Ordinary

On CJdropshipping, the total dropshipping price of the lamp humidifier is $13.84. The price includes $5.07 for the product and $7.72 for the shipping plus $1.05 for the service.

If you want to sell it in the US, the most cost-effective shipping method is CJPacket FJ Ordinary, which provides 9-13 days of shipping time.

product page of lamp humidifier.


On Aliexpress, the price of shipping the lamp humidifier to the US is $14.46, with a free shipping service.

  • Total Dropshipping Cost: $14.46
  • Processing time: 1-5 days
  • Shipping time: 28 days
  • Shipping method: AliExpress Standard Shipping 
product page of lamp humidifier.


Objectively, CJ has a minor advantage over AliExpress when it comes to pricing. Price is indeed an important factor in shopping, but that’s not all, not least because the price difference is not wide enough to directly have an impact on a customer’s decision.

More importantly, what customers really care about is shipping time, a point on which CJ has a large edge over AliExpress. A 9-13 shipping time is way enough for you to gain popularity and traffic.

In addition, if you want to further curtail the shipping time, you may also consider CJ, as it has global warehouses for you to stock products. With this, the shipping time can be shortened to only 1-7 days. Imagine what a comforting experience it is for an international package to take as little time as ordering a product in the domestic market.


The good news is that we have confirmed that the supplier from CJ can provide various certificates for your benefits. For instance, common certificates, such as MA, CNAS, are accessible.

As is widely known that certificates are invaluable for dropshippers, especially those whose marketplace is in the EU. Certificates can guarantee the product’s quality, safety, and so forth, which can also give you an advantage.

product certificate of lamp humidifier.


On top of all the advantages listed above for your consideration, this product is available for customization on CJ. If you want to create a product brand via this product, you can ask your agent to help promote your brand.

However, one thing you should know in advance is that, in customization, most suppliers require a MOQ for them to stay afloat. For instance, the MOQ of this product on CJ is no less than 300 pieces. So, please make sure you have enough budget to consider customization. If you really need this service, you may turn to your CJ agent.


Can CJ Help You Dropship These products?

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If you find it hard to source the best price for a specific product, feel free to contact us by filling out this form.

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CJdropshipping is an all-in-one solution platform that provide various services including sourcing, shipping, and warehousing.

The goal of CJ Dropshipping is to help international eCommerce entrepreneurs to achieve business success.