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Is Multifunction Cleaner Kit Good to Sell

Is Multifunction Cleaner Kit Good to Sell?

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With more and more electronic devices being introduced to the public, people are spending significantly more time with electronic devices mentally and physically. Thus, keeping the devices that we touch every day is essential for having a healthy lifestyle. That’s why the market for selling multifunction cleaner kit products is evergreen these years.

Therefore, selling multifunction screen cleaners or phone cleaners is a great option for dropshipping industry. Among this niche, this 5-in-1 multifunction cleaner kit is becoming a popular trend among dropshippers recently, but is it really a good product to dropship? Let’s find out!

the 5-in-1 multifunction cleaner kit

Selling Potential

Market Trend

To find out the market trends of the multifunction cleaner kit, we can check some related terms on Google Trends. It shows the term “cleaner kit” has been popular in the past. Although recently the search trends have dropped a bit, it still shows an optimistical trend for the following months.

After all, the cleaner product category is a stable niche that has constant sales at all times. So there is no specific on-season or off-season for this niche, this means you can get sales anytime as long as you keep investing in marketing.

google trends of the 5-in-1 multifunction cleaner kit

Product Feature

  • Multifunctional Use: The 5-in-1 cleaner kit can be used for various devices. The headphone cleaning pen is suitable for headphones, the fiber case can be used for screen cleaning, and the brush is great for deep cleaning.
  • Easy to Store and Carry: All the cleaning tools are stored in a small kit case, customers can keep the brush in a drawer and carry it in their pocket when going out.
  • Integrated Design: The design is concise, elegant, and more integrated than other cleaning products. All the functions are integrated into one tool, it’s easy to understand and convenient to use.  
  • Safe Material: The 5-in-1 cleaner kit is made of eco-friendly, safe, and soft materials. Besides, it won’t damage the earbud components and holes when you use it on devices.
Product features of the 5-in-1 multifunction cleaner kit


The top-ranked shops on Google are selling this multifunction keyboard cleaning brush at $17-$20. Such a price is ideal for dropshipping since the shipping cost of this product is not high.

If you want to attract customers with lower a price, you can also refer to the price on Amazon US. The same product is priced at $12-$16 on Amazon, which is cheaper than most online stores. This price is good for wholesalers to make profits but it is not recommended for dropshippers.

pricing of 5-in-1 multifunction cleaner kit


On Amazon, the overall rating of the same multifunction cleaner kit is around 4.1. Most customers are satisfied with the convenient tool, and the comments also show the product helps clean electronic devices. Thus, the rating of the 5-in-1 cleaner kit is not bad. If your store intends to sell casual daily products, this product should be a good product to list.

Ratings of the 7 in 1 multifunction keyboard cleaner on Amazon

Dropshipping Costs & MOQ

Shipping Rates

When it comes to shipment, the multifunction cleaner kit usually doesn’t need much shipping fee, because it is small and light. However, some customers may order cleaning liquid with the cleaner kit, and sometimes the liquid is difficult to ship with fast shipping methods.

Because for products that contain liquid, shipping companies can only use a liquid shipping line instead of using a fast ordinary product shipping channel. This is the reason that cleaner products sometimes need 30 days or even longer time to get delivered on some platforms.

In this section, the total dropshipping costs of the multifunction cleaner kit on CJ Dropshipping and AliExpress will be presented. Then you can check how much budget you need for dropshipping this product. And since there are multiple suppliers on AliExpress, we will look into the one that got the highest order amount as an example.

 real packaging picture of the multifunction cleaner kit

CJ Dropshipping

  • Total Dropshipping Cost: $6.19
  • Processing time: 3-4 days
  • Shipping time: 7-15 days
  • Shipping method: CJPacket Ordinary

On CJ Dropshipping, shipping one multifunction cleaner kit will cost you $6.19. The product is priced at $2.18, and the shipping to the US takes $3.53 shipping fee with $0.48 service fee.

The best available shipping method is CJPacket Ordinary, which offers 7-15 days of shipping time for an individual order.

5-in-1 multifunction cleaner kit from CJDropshipping


  • Total Dropshipping Cost: 7.03
  • Processing time: 1-5 days
  • Shipping time: 28 days
  • Shipping method: AliExpress Selection Standard

On AliEpress, the total dropshipping cost of 5 in 1 cleaner kit is $7.03. The cost includes $4.44 for the product and $2.63 for the shipping. The best shipping method is Aliexpress Selection Standard. For a regular US order, Aliexpress Selection Standard will deliver the product within 28 days.

5-in-1 multifunction cleaner kit from AliExpress


By comparing the price of 5 in 1 cleaner kit on the above two platforms, we find there is no significant price difference between them. But if you are looking for long-term business cooperation, CJDropshipping surely is the best choice since it got the price advantage.

More importantly, dropshipping this product from AliExpress can be a headache for you in terms of shipping time. Nowadays not many customers can wait for a causal item that takes nearly one month to get delivered. So if you order this product from AliExpress for your customer, it is highly possible that the customer may cancel the order due to long time delivery.

Therefore, CJDropshipping is also a better option considering the shipping time. Moreover, if you want to get faster shipping time, you can also use CJ international warehouses to stock your product in advance to get a 3-7 days shipping time.


The supplier of the 5-in-1 multifunction cleaner kit also supports product customization, but the minimum order quantity is not so friendly to dropshipping beginners. It requires buyers to purchase 3000 pieces at least to get logo printing, so it is mostly for wholesalers who want to do bulk purchases.

Still, this doesn’t mean you can’t make your own brand as a dropshipper. If you are a dropshipping beginner, you can choose to use the custom packaging service of CJ Dropshipping. CJ Dropshipping provides various customize packaging options for different products and most packaging only needs a small amount of MOQ to start with.

In addition, the supplier of CJ Dropshipping also aims to improve their product all the time. For example, recently a new type of multifunction cleaner kit that contains 8 different cleaning functions has been introduced to the market. It was developed based on the 5-in-1 cleaner kit model and You can list this updated product in your store to give customers more choices.

 new type of multifunction cleaner kit that contains 8 different cleaning functions


Sometimes your dropshipping platform may ask you to provide certifications to prove that your product is valid to sell. And since dropshippers are not manufacturers of the products, you need to ask the suppliers for the certifications.

The supplier from CJ Dropshipping can provide all the essential export certifications to ensure the quality of their product. If you want to list the 5-in-1 multifunction cleaner kit in your store, you can request the image of the certifications from the supplier.


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CJdropshipping is an all-in-one solution platform that provide various services including sourcing, shipping, and warehousing.

The goal of CJ Dropshipping is to help international eCommerce entrepreneurs to achieve business success.