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How to Check Shipping Times And Shipping Costs on CJ

Shipping times and shipping costs are the most concern topic among dropshippers. CJ’s shipping cost calculation tool will show you the available shipping options, estimated delivery time and the shipping costs with just a few clicks. 1. Three Ways to Find The Shipping Cost Calculation Tool. 2. Fill in The Necessary Information for The Shipping Cost Calculation. 3. Oversize Products’ Shipping […]

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How to Place DropShipping Orders to CJ Dropshipping? (Updated on 7th October 2020)

We will be going over how to import store orders to CJ Dropshipping for fulfillment. Generally, there are two ways to import orders, one is done automatically, the other is done manually. How to Place Automatic Orders If you run an eCommerce store like Shopify, eBay, Woocommerce, etc. You should use the automatic order processing […]

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Shipping Lines Comparison Mid 2020-CJPacket/ePacket/CNE/Yanwen/4PX/Yun Express

In this article, we’re going to compare 6 hot shipping lines for dropshipping in 2020. They are CJPacket, ePacket, CNE, Yanwen, 4PX, and Yun Express. We will compare their delivery times, shipping costs as well as dispute policies. First, let’s see the current delivery times of these 6 shipping lines, we check 20 tracking numbers […]

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What to Dropship in September? Top 100 Best Sellers on CJ Dropshipping & 4 Promising Niches in Q4

This post is the script of the following video on our YouTube Channel, you can copy and paste on Google Translate to translate it the script into the language you need. Hello everyone, welcome to our channel, I’m Demi. In today’s video, I am going to share with you guys the top 100 best sellers […]

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Unboxing 8 Hot Selling POD Products/How to Make POD Products on CJ Dropshipping

Introduction Print on demand has been a trend for recent years. There are two main reasons that POD is quite a hit. One is to build the brand for shop owners, and the other is to satisfy customers’ unique personalized requirements. According to research, 57% of people in the world own one or more than one pet. […]

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Seven Reasons Why You Should Choose Dropshipping

Seven Reasons Why Should I Choose Drop Shipping? Here is a graph is taken from Google Trends showing the incline of interest in dropshipping as had over the last 5 years. Clearly, an interest in this business model has climbed steadily over the years. So what’s the hype all about and why are people rushing […]