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What to Dropship in October? Top 100 Best Sellers on CJ Dropshipping & Hot Niches Recommendation

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Here are the top 100 best sellers on CJ Dropshipping the previous month, as well as profitable niches and bad niches to do in October.

According to the list of the top 100 best sellers on CJ Dropshipping in September. From the list, we can see the product names and their orders and growth. Some had a sharp increase, but some got negative growth, so some are on trending, but others, even though they still got many sales, the demand was going down, so they will not be promising products in the coming month.

To begin with, let’s see what niches are on a downward trend, and it’s better to think twice to set on these niches in October. In the previous article, we have shown the best sellers in August on CJ Dropshipping, and those hair removal products got not bad sales in August.

However, they would not be promising in September and the coming season because the demand for this kind of product would sharply decline because of the coming winter. As you can see from the top 100 sellers’ list, you can not see hair removal products anymore, so if you are still selling these products, consider replacing them and finding other products on trending to sell.

When kitchen products were recommended for selling in the previous article, it also showed with google trends that BBQ products would go downwards. According to the list, though there were still two best sellers, they had a sharp decline of 20.7% and 67% due to the weather factor-fewer people will BBQ outside.

And another niche had a sudden decrease. It is treating patches & cream. There were six products on the list under this niche: acne patches, hemorrhoid cream, hair growth essence, varicose vein ointment, and two slimming patches.

They are all treatment solutions to some mild symptoms like hair loss, and acne. Someone doubted these products’ effects, but we have reservations about it. Apart from hemorrhoid cream, they all had a sharp decline in September. We have no clue that the factor is due to the season change or the market’s saturation. However, the fact is, that the demand declined, so be cautious about this niche.

Now let’s see what you can sell in October. There are three promising niches from the top seller list, marked the same niche with the same color; they are kids’ toys, bracelets, and anti-virus products.

Niche 1: Kids Toys

Kamil, THE ECOM KING, predicted that kids’ toy niches were among the promising niches to sell in Q4. He was right and had great insights. According to the list that there were seven toys on the top seller list; apart from novel creative toys, there were three plush toys, as plush toys are adorable, and are great presents suitable for all ages kids.

If you’ve checked our previous article of top100 sellers every month, you may have found toys seldom in the top100 list, so they were big gainers during the last month, which can be regarded as trending products in the coming season.

Niche 2: Bracelets

Products that could be given as a present are also promising in Q4. Bracelets can be charming presents for both men and women. According to the list, there were eleven bracelets in September. Natural stone bracelets were trending, whether volcanic stone, amethyst stone, apatite stone, or agate. All beads bracelets made of natural stones sold very well, and they have a high perceived value. You can make a decent profit margin by selling these fashion jewelry.

Niche 3: Anti-virus Products

The influence of the coronavirus lingers in the USA and some other countries, there are still great demands for anti-virus products. But as the supply of facemasks and hand sanitizer is sufficient in local stores, the demand for these products’ dropshipping needs declined dramatically. So some novel anti-virus products found their way into the dropshipping market.

We can see three anti-virus products on the top100 bestsellers list, hand sanitizer band, KN95 mask, and mask clip. KN95 masks had a sharp decline of 55% as the demand for dropshipping declined sharply because of adequate local stock. But the hand sanitizer band and mask clip were big gainers and enjoyed a dramatic increase in sales in September.

Hand sanitizer band is a product that people wear on the wrist to store hand sanitizer to wash their hands anytime and anywhere. It’s an extremely hot trending product that every day, many sellers are sourcing it on CJ.

Mask clip is also a super hot trending product, similar to scorching cases to carry masks, and many sellers are sourcing bags or pockets. It is a very practical product that everyone may need, so the potential demand is tremendous. And due to these mask clips being cheap and straightforward, you can make custom logos and packaging to add value and distinguish your products from other competitors.

And for these low-value products, you could even send an offer when your customers add some other products to the cart. and ask if them if them want to take one. This promotion will significantly save your shipping fees because CJ packages an order to the same place in one parcel.

Potential Trending Niche: Christmas Products

Apart from these three niches, another niche will do good in the coming season – Christmas products. Now people start to prepare for the Christmas season already. We’ve received sourcing requests for Christmas pajamas, Christmas decorations, toys, and the like.

As for Halloween products, horror masks are no doubt the hottest products. Tons of sellers sourced horror masks last month, and there were three horror masks in the top100 bestsellers. But Halloween is on the 31st. October, and it now takes 1-5 days to process orders, and 7-15 days to deliver to the US, so there is a risk that your customers may not receive their orders before Halloween.

There is one more surprising product, which is a memory pillow. It is a brand new design memory pillow, and in the previous month, CJ received sourcing requests for it daily. It was a big gainer last month and ranked #83 on the top seller list. If you are interested, please check it out.


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CJdropshipping is an all-in-one solution platform that provide various services including sourcing, shipping, and warehousing.

The goal of CJ Dropshipping is to help international eCommerce entrepreneurs to achieve business success.