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What to Sell for Mother’s Day? Rocket Your Dropshipping Orders with These Amazing Products

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Holidays always are the perfect time for marketing. People are willing to spend more money on themselves, family members, or maybe friends during the holiday season. May 9th is Mother’s Day, although it seems that there is still a month or two from now on.

As a dropshipper, you may not have much time left if count the time for product selection, testing, photography, and advertising. So the video at the bottom will bring you guys some potential hot-selling products for Mother’s Day to help you boost sales.

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Kitchen Niche

When it comes to Mother’s Day, kitchen supplies are definitely the top three categories that pop up in people’s minds. The kitchen niche also is the popular recommendation niche in Q2. There is two typical kitchen equipment for you guys that will save moms lots of time working in the kitchen. The first one is a fruit juice squeezer, and another one is a mold pastry cup maker.

Fruit Juice Squeezer

Let’s talk about the fruit juice squeezer first. It’s a manual juicer made of aluminum. The aluminum material prevents rust. You only need to gently press to separate the juice from the pulp. After the pulp is divided, the remaining pulp will store in a small container for easy cleaning. It’s a problem solver that can well save juice time and won’t be as expensive as a professional juicer. It costs $8.7, and the total dropshipping price is $19.19. Very competitive in the same type of products.

Mold Pastry Cup Maker

This mold pastry cup maker also is a creative and practical bakery tool. Press the mold on the dough, then use the shaped dough for baking. The product price is $0.63 and the total dropshipping price is $4.76 in the USA. Low budget and there are no transportation restrictions, and you can easily triple or quadruple the price. Imagine the profit in between! Highly suggest selling it with the pack to increase the average dropshipping value.

Massage Tools

Bathing Massage Scrubbing Device

Mom is the one who takes care of the family. Every mother has devoted a lot to their family. The daily housework and taking care of the children make them exhausted. If any products can help them relieve fatigue, it is definitely a perfect Mother’s Day gift. Check out this bathing massage scrubbing device. It’s a body brush that can help with deep cleansing and massage during a shower or bathing.

Three different modes can clean and exfoliate the skin, deeply purify pores and remove dirt. And long-handle design can help mom easily scrub the back or other hard-to-reach parts. Such a problem solver product can let mom enjoy more bath time. The product price is $11.33 and it only has 22 dropshippers listed this product in their store. Don’t waste opportunities, list them now before anyone else.

Shoulder Massager

The next product is a shoulder massager. A similar product to this shoulder massager, the neck massagers, were quite popular some time ago, especially in this style. But this product is an upgraded style of the old version. There is an extended section on the product, which can massage both the neck and shoulders area.

It has six massage heads, four massaging modes, and a total of 15 levels of electric pulse strength. The best part is that it has a hot compress feature. The blue one only costs $6.33 and the total dropshipping budget to the US is $15.87. It is suitable for one product store or a general store or personal care niche store.

Gift for Newborn Moms

Retractable Baby Feeding Bottle

Speaking of mothers, newborn moms and future moms also need some special care during this holiday. Just stepping into the role of mother, newborn mothers may feel confusing and exhausted. So mother and baby products are the perfect products to sell for mother’s day. Here are two potential trending products under the mother and baby category.

Let’s take a look at the first retractable baby feeding bottle. This is a problem solver for baby feeding issues. It’s always difficult for babies to maintain the same position for a long time. Some naughty kids and younger babies will need the mom to hold the milk bottle to keep them eating.

With this product, babies can drink their milk wherever and whenever. No one will need to hold the feeding bottles or find the perfect position for your kids anymore. This product is suitable for babies aged from newborn to 18 months.

Portable Baby Crib

The next product is the portable baby crib. It’s a 50*30*5cm big size bag. After opening it, the bag can turn into a crib and can be used for diaper changing or other use. The baby’s spine is very fragile, and the mattress can’t be too soft or too hard, which is not conducive to the growth of the spine.

However, the product is moderately soft and hard, which can protect the baby’s spine health. The bottom pillow is a Velcro design, it can be attached anywhere at the end. It’s a must-need maternal and child product or a perfect gift for newborn moms and future moms. The product price is $9.17 and the total dropshipping budget is $19.45 in the USA. It is better to sell it with other mother and baby products to increase the dropshipping value.

Gift for Grandmas

Lazy Shoe Lifter

Mother’s Day is also a holiday for grandmothers. Grandmothers are also someone we can’t ignore. For the elderly, products that can improve their well-being are the best heartwarming gift. So check out the lazy shoe lifter.

With this small tool, grandmas won’t need to band their knees, lean forward, and even get dizzy cause they have been bent for too long for putting shoes on. With a simple lift, shoes are on the feet. And the product price is also quite attractive, only needs $0.46-2.76 for different variants.

It’s a problem solver with a broad market. You can also brand the product, increase the dropshipping budget, and build brand authority to win return customers. And it only has 48 dropshippers that have listed this product in their store.

Foldable Stool

The next pick for grandma’s gift is the foldable stool. This is an old product that was trending last year in the summertime. This is a retractable bag-shaped stool that can be folded into a pie shape when not in use, convenient to carry. It can be turned into an adjustable stool when needed.

Last year, dropshippers mostly marketed it as a portable stool that can carry around for convenience supplies. This product has all the characteristics of an evergreen product, so it can be remarketed as a Mother’s day gift for grandmoms or even all the elderly audience.

Classic Mother’s Day Gift: Mom Necklace

Speaking of Mother’s Day gifts, who can resist the best mom reward from their child or their loved one. So the best mom necklace will be the classic choice. Check out these two necklaces: Stainless steel best mom necklace and this Colorful Zircon Mom Necklace.

Both are typical representatives of mother necklaces, and the previous one is only $0.79, another is $2.18. The jewelry products budget is extremely low but has a high perceived value and a decent profit margin. It’s suitable for a gift niche store or jewelry niche store or theme store.

At the same time, CJ also sells POD jewelry products, allowing customers to design their own unique mother necklaces or provide their creativity. You can also sell the same type of matching rings or mom and kid matching necklaces to build your brand while selling the necklace. This can increase not only dropshipping value but also strengthen brand awareness and attract return customers.

Final words

All the products and similar products, even the related niches that are mentioned above, can all become the Mother’s Day products for your store to boost sales. Don’t simply cater to the holiday heat and only give away coupons and discounts. Selling the right products at the right time and occasionally catching up with the heat is also a good choice.


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You sell, We source and ship for you!

CJdropshipping is an all-in-one solution platform that provide various services including sourcing, shipping, and warehousing.

The goal of CJ Dropshipping is to help international eCommerce entrepreneurs to achieve business success.