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What to Sell on Mother’s Day? 10 Winning Product Ideas with Top Suppliers 2022

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If you have no idea how could Mother’s day becomes such a profitable holiday marketing event every year, mother’s day is not only the 3rd largest retail holiday in the US, but over 50 countries are going to celebrate this special day in May, which means that there are consistent purchasing habits from a huge market like sending gifts to mothers, go for special outings, so absolutely great demand from customers over there which is still increasing by years.

Let’s take a look at some purchasing data by niches, you can find that jewelry, electronics, housewares, and special outing are the top four preferred ideas with amazing growth potential.

You will like to notice the trends of special outings since now people are free from covid restrictions, everything related to outdoor activities will be seen a great recovery.

Source from: National Retail Federation

Ⅰ. Jewelry

The first winning niche you want to dig more into is the jewelry. For such an evergreen niche, saturation is always a mystery.

Another crucial reason why we choose jewelry is that people usually tend to choose products attached to emotional factors, especially when picking gifts for mother’s day.

The findings of buyer research also approve this point – over 40% of respondents think that a unique and different gift that creates special memory is the most important. Thus jewelry has no doubt to be one of the best choices.

Source from: National Retail Federation

Tree of life locket necklace

Like this tree of life locket necklace from YFN.

This kind of locket necklace is their best seller on mother’s day, a perfect gift that combines meaningful emotion and a unique design together.

It is made of sterling silver in the shape of the tree of life, which represents health and abundance. You can also put your mother’s photo on the necklace and give her a surprise, anyway this one is absolutely a potential product.

If you want more high-quality jewelry products, just don’t forget to check YFN’s home page. You can find another video about this amazing free-shipping jewelry supplier here.

With self-running US warehouses and over 40,000 pieces production capacity per month, YFN already become one of the famous jewelry suppliers among eCommerce merchants.

Ⅱ. Special Outing

Trending topic number two that you can plan on marketing is a special outing. Since now summer is getting closer and people can finally take a breath from the pandemic, more and more people tend to take their families to go for a special outing.

Source from: National Retail Federation

Outdoor air slip-on

Creating special experiences with mothers, and families is another important way that many people will choose to do on such a special day.

So now is good timing for niches like outdoor products. Take a current hot seller on the CJ marketplace as an example, like this outdoor air slip-on from RCXY.

These shoes are made super lightweight and soft, meanwhile, the outsole design offers slip resistance to walk outside. It is very easy to wear, you don’t need to bend to put them on or tie your shoes.  So it is an ideal gift for mothers, and parents, especially for elder people.

Same you can find different kinds of outdoor shoes like casual sneakers, and sandals from RCXY at factory prices. RCXY is a professional shoe manufacturer from China that is well-known for its fast production cycle and wide range of variations. So if you are looking for reliable shoe suppliers, you will want to check RCXY first.

Easy-install hammock chair. 

Another product you want to know about is the easy-install hammock chair. 

Hammock products are again getting popular recently, not only aiming at camping lovers, but every family would love to have one for this summer.

It can be installed anywhere, in the garden, in the camping place, or under a tree, this kind of hammock chair is not only a trending seasonal outdoor product but also a good gift choice for people who are going to plan a special outing on Mother’s Day. You can find the product link in the description for the hammock chair with 3-7 days of free shipping from the UK warehouse.

Ⅲ. Electronics

About 20% of buyers purchased electronic products for mother’s day last year. And the electronic catalog grew by 13% on total expected spending, only second to the jewelry with a 15% growth in 2021.

So the first electronic product idea you want to know about is the Bluetooth speaker.

Not only because recently different kinds of retro Bluetooth speakers go viral on social media platforms like TikTok, but they’ve always been one of the proven sellers during this period of time.

Mini Bluetooth speaker

Bluetooth speakers can be both useful and decorative in our daily life, to be more specific, you can choose this kind of mini Bluetooth speaker with retro design.

You can put it on your phone and it turns into an old-fashioned mini tv, you can also take it everywhere like in the bedroom, the kitchen, on your sofa, etc.

Sellers can combine some emotional elements like good memories, old songs, and old movies that are enjoyed together with mothers in the ads.

Electronic items tend to have a higher add-on value, this retro Bluetooth speaker from BGstore also has free shipping from their UK warehouse.

If you haven’t heard about BGstore, they are one of the biggest retail suppliers from Guangzhou, China. With over 3000 trending items listed on their store page, BGsore is well known for its stable inventory supply, global warehouses, and wide range of product catalogs.

So if you are looking for suppliers of trending products with less than one-week free shipping, BGstore is definitely a reliable supplier to go for.

Health monitor smartwatch

So move on to the next winning electronic product for mother’s day, which is health monitor smartwatch from BG store.

Smartwatch is another electronic best seller for this special day. People would like to choose products to take care of the health conditions of family members.

There are so many ways of using smartwatches in our daily life, heart rate monitoring, sleep quality checking, calorie management, emergency call, smart reminder, exercise helper and so much more.

For those people who live far away from their parents in different cities or countries, a smartphone is undoubtedly a wonderful gift idea.

Ⅳ. Housewares

According to the research, about 26% of buyers are looking for houseware products as a gift idea. I think the housewares mentioned in the research are way too general, sub-catalogs like bedroom and kitchen products are all included.

Here we got some more hot sellings of houseware products from suppliers in terms of estimated sales data for this month.

Air fryers

If you are looking for some high ticket products that are ideal for mother’s day promotion, then you will want to check air fryers.

As new viral cooking hack these few years, the air fryer has proved itself as a successful product with a broad market base – every family might need one in their kitchen, to cook faster and healthier.

So this is absolutely an amazing mothers’ day gift for all those moms who love cooking. With a 3-7 days local free delivery from the US warehouse, the profit margin is very promising.

Non-stick kitchen utensils set.

The next product is also for cooking lovers, the non-stick kitchen utensils set

If you are worried about the high product price of air fryers, then you can check these silicone kitchenware sets from Evernice01, they are also proven sellers with an increasing growth over these months.

Evernice01 is a professional cookware manufacturer with 1.5 m dollars in annual sales. They focus on producing different kinds of kitchen gadgets, especially stainless steel and silicone products. If you are running a kitchen niche store, ever nice 01 will be a good choice as a supplier.

Massage slippers.

Ok now move on to the last product idea of today, the massage slippers.

For buyers who are looking for self-care products as gifts, massage slippers are with huge potential.

The special design of the slipper can help to improve blood circulation, reduce edema and help to relieve stress. definitely a great product idea.


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You sell, We source and ship for you!

CJdropshipping is an all-in-one solution platform that provide various services including sourcing, shipping, and warehousing.

The goal of CJ Dropshipping is to help international eCommerce entrepreneurs to achieve business success.