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Is Foldable Garment Travel Duffle Bag Profitable to Sell?

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Nowadays, life is becoming more and more stressful, so we always like to travel to relax ourselves. And the foldable travel bag is a lightweight and practical travel essential that can easily cope with various travel needs, whether it is a short trip or a long trip. Its characteristics are foldable, large capacity, light and easy to carry, making it a considerate assistant during travel.

In this article, we will introduce a multifunctional bag for you. It’s a foldable garment travel duffle bag that fits as much as your suitcase. Now, let’s explore whether it’s your travel gadget.

Selling Potential of The Foldable Garment Travel Duffle Bag

Market Trend

According to Google Trends, the search trend for the travel duffle bag has seen fluctuations over the past several months but shows an upright trend recently.

Before entering any market, understanding the demand is crucial. The steady growth trend means that the demand for this bag will not change quickly due to seasons or fashion trends. It has become a necessity in everyone’s life and can have a long sales cycle.

Determining the target audience is essential for effective marketing and sales strategies. This bag has a broad customer base due to their versatile nature. Regardless of whether men or women, young or old, as long as you need to carry luggage when going out, this bag can hold all items.

Product Features

  • Good material: This garment bags is made of PU leather. This material is waterproof, so you don’t worry about the clothes getting wet on rainy days. Of course, it is also scratch-resistant. Thieves will not steal things easily by a knife.
  • Multipocket design: There is a large pocket at the bottom. You can use hangers to place suits or long clothes flatly. There are two mesh bags on both sides. You can put small things so that they don’t look cluttered.Zipper chain is smooth and made of golden color to match. Buckles on the tail of zipper with safe design to decrease the effect of the gap and prevent someone to poke into the bag.
  • Size of bag: The size of this bag is 20.5″x10″x12.5″ after being assembled and unfolded size is 20.5″x37″. The inner main pocket can be extended to 52.5 inch for long clothes such as evening dress. The tote bag comes with a shoes bag sized 11″x5″x9″ for separating clothes and shoes. The travel garment bag which suitable for airport TSA inspection, can be fully unfolded and quickly closed.
  • Use in multi-scenes: This bag is not only used for travel, beach and camping, but also can be used as a gift for family or friends.The color of pink makes us look younger. It’s perfect for studentsor office staff to use it as gym bag, duffle bag, weekender bag, overnight bag.

Tiktok Data

On the TikTok, the search for this product is also quite remarkable. Videos receiving more than a million visits are a common scene. The popularity of this product is indeed self-explanatory.


The market price of the foldable garment travel duffle bag is around $38-50, while the one we recommend stands at $33, leaving you a considerable profit range.

Such a competitive price offers you a good chance to beat your competitors and reap a ton of profits. If you are puzzled as to price-setting, we suggest that you may make it in conformity with your total dropshipping cost. You can also set up a comparably high price to earn more single profits or a low price to gain more traffic, both of which are good ways to market.

Dropshipping Costs

CJ Dropshipping

  • Total Dropshipping Cost: $33.52
  • Processing time: 1-3 days
  • Shipping time: 7-12 days
  • Shipping method: CJPacket Ordinary

If you want to sell it in the US, the most cost-effective shipping method is CJPacket Ordinary, which provides 7-12 days of shipping time.


  • Total Dropshipping Cost: $41.61
  • Processing time: 1-5 days
  • Shipping time: 8-16 days
  • Shipping method: AliExpress Standard Shipping


We can see that CJ has an edge over AliExpress when it comes to pricing, with a price difference of around $8, which is a huge gap considering how much it will generate over the long run.

Moreover, when it comes to shipping,CJ is faster. Shipping time is doubtless a critical point many dropshippers fret about in the dropshipping business.

If you think a shipping time of 7-12 days is also comparatively long, CJ also offers a global warehouse delivery service. For instance, you may buy inventory on CJ to have them stocked at such warehouses as in the US, so that the shipping time can be curtailed to only 2-6 days, almost identical to the speed of domestic logistics.


For experienced dropshippers who want to scale up their business, branding is a good option to increase revenues. Common methods of branding include logo printing, packaging designing, and product customization. Some people also choose to put stickers with logos on the products or outside packages for the purpose of budget saving.

However, no matter which method you want to choose, branding always requires a minimum order quantity. This means if you want to print logos or customize packaging for the product, you will have to purchase it in large quantities to get started. For example, if you are using CJdropshipping as a supplier, you can request the suppliers to provide logo printing services. If you are interested, you may turn to CJ agents to ask for the MOQ.

This MOQ is not too much considering its unit price in the manufacturing industry but it can still be difficult for many dropshippers. So we do not recommend dropshipping beginners request customization in the first place. But if you are an experienced dropshippers with enough budget and stable sales, selling branded products is a great way to boost your sales.


Can CJ Help You Dropship These products?

Yes! CJ dropshipping is able to provide free sourcing and fast shipping. We provide a one-stop solution for both dropshipping and wholesale businesses.

If you find it hard to source the best price for a specific product, feel free to contact us by filling out this form.

You can also register on our official website to consult professional agents with any questions!

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You sell, We source and ship for you!

CJdropshipping is an all-in-one solution platform that provide various services including sourcing, shipping, and warehousing.

The goal of CJ Dropshipping is to help international eCommerce entrepreneurs to achieve business success.