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Google Ads or Facebook Ads? How Much to Spend?

There is no need to stress how important it is nowadays to have a marketing strategy for a business. Especially in the dropshipping industry, a highly competitive business model due to its low risk and relative ease. Traffic is the key, the more people go into your store, the higher chance your store become popular. […]

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How to Deal with Long Shipping Times When Dropshipping?

You may worry about or encounter to the long shipping time orders with the dropshipping model for the reason that you can’t control the shipping period. If the shipping time is too long, you may be complained by your customers, even it has bad influence on your sales. However, there are some ways to have […]

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How Does Dropshipping Work?

Here are six simple steps explaining how drop shipping works:: Step1: Retailer determines a target audience and what products best suit their needs. Step2: Retailer partners with Suppliers that can fulfill orders on demand. Step3: Retailer then lists the products on their personal ecommerce website. Step4: Customer places an order on the Retailers website, typically paying for both the […]

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Seven Reasons Why You Should Choose Dropshipping

Seven Reasons Why Should I Choose Drop Shipping? Here is a graph is taken from Google Trends showing the incline of interest in dropshipping as had over the last 5 years. Clearly, an interest in this business model has climbed steadily over the years. So what’s the hype all about and why are people rushing […]

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Tips for Operating a Dropshipping Store on Shopify.

Here are tips for operating a Shopify dropshipping store. With 500,000 active users, Shopify is one of the most popular ecommerce platforms on the market today. And that number steadily grows as more people decide to start their own dopshipping business. Newcomers may be confused about how to operate a dropshipping store using this ecommerce […]