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Good Elderly Products to Sell in 2022

Preview At the beginning of 2022, the influence of the coronavirus is still lingering in our lives, and more communities start to pay more attention to helping elderly people overcome their isolation and loneliness during the pandemic crisis. In the last Q4 season, many products for elderly people had reached great sales amount. According to […]

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Dropshipping Jewelry Guide: Trending Products, Best Suppliers & Customized Service

Jewelry making is a high profit with low investment business. Over the last two decades, online shopping has expanded into just about everything. A change in clientele has pushed the jewelry niche into digital retailing especially in Dropshipping industry. CJ Dropshipping is keen to reinvent the experience of buying jewelry for the digital age and has been leading the transformation.

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What to Sell in August? Top 6 High Demand Niches to Dropship in the Coming Months

Looking for a niche to start with your dropshipping business? What niches will sell in the coming month? In this article, I will share 6 promising niches with the highest demand.

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Top 5 Most Profitable Dropshipping Niches in Mid 2021

Top 5 Most Profitable Dropshipping Niches in Mid 2021 One of the most exciting and easy-to-start business models in 2021 is dropshipping. Dropshipping lets you choose what to sell,which is good, but finding the right niche requires a lot of hard work and patience. Since it’s June now, so in this article we only present […]

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How to Grow Your Dropshipping Biz?Get the Winning Product for June

1. Overall IntroBelow is the list of the top 100 best sellers from CJdropshipping in May ranked by growth. From the list, we can tell that, in May, 58 products had positive growth and 42 products had negative ones. For better visual effect, the same niche were marked with the same color. 2. Winning Product ● Weed Killer There are […]

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Top 10 Apparel (Clothing) Dropshipping Suppliers with US and European Size

Many dropshippers have a niche in apparel.  When advertised correctly, it can bring a very healthy profit margin for dropshippers.  The biggest issue that dropshippers face when dealing with apparel is size and measurement.  Most Dropshippers work with Chinese suppliers like CJ Dropshipping or Aliexpress to fulfill their orders.  However, when working with Chinese suppliers […]

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Wondering What to Sell in May? Checkout These Best Niches and Products to Boost Sales

The weather is getting warmer lately, and people start to get ready for the summer. This is also the time for all dropshippers to prepare for some new niches and products to adapt to the environmental change and increase sales. In this article, we will show you the top 100 best sellers & bigger gainers […]

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Ecommerce in Germany – Online Business and Dropshipping Potential

As the world’s third-largest exporter, Germany is Europe’s greatest economy and one of Europe’s biggest eCommerce markets, and the fifth largest eCommerce market in the world. It has a high internet penetration rate (93%). Among them, 83% are online shopping consumers, and the average online shopping expenditure is 1355 Euros. All these rates and data […]

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What to Sell in April? Top 100 Best Sellers & Bigger Gainers

Here is the list of the top 100 best sellers on CJdropshipping in the past 30 days ranked by growth. From the list, we can see the product names and their orders and growth. There are 56 products got growth in sales, and the rest got a sharp decrease. And many niches got good sales but […]

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How to Find and Choose Good Dropshipping Suppliers?

This article will introduce what are good suppliers, how to find dropshipping suppliers, and what to consider when choosing dropshipping suppliers.
Finding the right suppliers is one of the most important aspects of starting a dropshipping business. Sellers are dependent on third parties, such as wholesalers, suppliers, and distributors, that handle the fulfillment of the orders.