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Is Crystal Hair Eraser Good to Sell?

Summer is around the corner, many people are looking for a solution for erasing their body hair. Is there an innovative product right there to help people get rid of body hair problems? Yes, the crystal hair eraser probably is the star product for this summer or even this year. It is a really good […]

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How to Check Shipping Times And Shipping Costs on CJ for Specific Products

Shipping time and shipping cost are the most concerned topics for dropshippers. CJ’s shipping cost calculation tool will show you the available shipping options, estimated delivery time, and shipping cost with just a few clicks. You can do it by following the instruction in this video. Three Ways to Find The Shipping Cost Calculation Tool Method A: On […]

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How to Choose The Right Shipping Method for Your Store?

It’s important to choose the right shipping method for your store. And it’s a first-impression indicator of what type of service you’re equipped to deliver to your customers. The most of time, store owners need to choose the shipping method that can offer them the best deal which not only includes cost but also involves […]

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How to Choose Shopify Apps for Your Dropshipping Store?

Shopify is one of the best platforms for starting a dropshipping business. With Shopify, you can receive access to nice design tools, over 2000 apps with dozens of dropshipping apps, and payment processing settings that help you secure your transactions and expedite the checkout process from it. Using apps that make your operations efficient is a way to […]

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Top 14 Best Dropshipping Ecommerce Platforms

To run a dropshipping business, you don’t need to rent a storefront to display and store your goods, but usually, you need a platform to build up your online store, and import products from suppliers. The following will focus on the 9 main platforms, and will hopefully give you more insight into which one may […]

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What is Dropshipping?

Dropshipping is a business model where a Retailer never fulfills orders manually and instead tasks a Supplier to ship products on their behalf.

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The Challenge of Leading Oneself

What is the first thing that comes to mind when we talk about leadership? Is it about making people follow you? Or is it about having the skill and capacity to run an organization? Is it the ability to influence or persuade others to be better?  If we are to search for its definition online, […]

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2 Reasons Why Most Dropshippers Can’t Find Winning Products Consistently

We all know one of the best ways to “strike gold” in dropshipping is by finding winning products. Just ONE winning product can make up 70-80% of your monthly revenue, and take you to high 6 figure (even 7 figure) months. But as we all know,  winning products don’t last. They die down anywhere between  […]

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Is AliExpress Safe? How to Avoid Scams?

There is always a risk of shopping online. You may run into unscrupulous sellers who sell cheap but worthless junk. A lot of people have been cheated or have received worthless products. For dropshippers running a business through AliExpress, those unscrupulous sellers are like thorns affiliating you and your customers, or worse ruining your business. […]

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How to Deal with Long Shipping Times When Dropshipping?

You may worry about or encounter the long shipping time orders with the dropshipping model for the reason that you can’t control the shipping period. If the shipping time is too long, you may be blamed by your customers. And it eventually it may result in bad influence on your sales. However, there are some […]