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If you’ve been tired of negotiating for a lower price with a middleman or you are afraid of being cheated by bad suppliers because you are not able to follow up the production in person, then CJ Wholesale is just the perfect choice for you!

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How To Start A Print On Demand Business In 2021

Print-on-demand (or POD) is a special type of dropshipping product. It means the supplier is able to provide customization service on the product. So then dropshippers or the customers can make the unique product they like according to their needs. Unlike traditional customized products, print-on-demand products don’t require you to order in bulk or order […]

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How to Sell Print-on-Demand Items in 2021

Want to start your own business, build your brand and create a passive income? Print on demand makes your first steps in eCommerce a lot simpler. Print on demand (or POD) websites allow you to manufacture and ship products with your own custom designs. Unlike traditional printing plants, these services don’t require you to order […]


Major Differences between Oberlo and CJ Dropshipping-Which fits you better?

The first step to start a dropshipping business is choosing a suitable platform that provides reliable services for your store. The choice marks the very start of your business, and the right dropshipping supplier can help you weather the storm in the ocean of business.  With the assistance of a good service provider, you can […]

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Ecommerce in Germany – Online Business and Dropshipping Potential

As the world’s third-largest exporter, Germany is Europe’s greatest economy and one of Europe’s biggest eCommerce markets, and the fifth largest eCommerce market in the world. It has a high internet penetration rate (93%). Among them, 83% are online shopping consumers, and the average online shopping expenditure is 1355 Euros. All these rates and data […]

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A 2021 A-Z Guide for Dropshipping Beginners: Start & Scale Your Business from 0 to ∞

This is an A-Z guide for beginners who want to start a dropshipping business in 2021. Outline Ⅰ. What is dropshipping? Ⅱ. Is dropshipping still profitable in 2021? Ⅲ. Step by step on how to do dropshipping Step 1: Choose a Platform to Create Your Store Step 2: Find a niche to start with/Select products […]

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Honest Reviews for 8 Popular Dropshipping Supplier Websites/CJ Dropshipping/Aliexpress/Spocket/…

Are you new to dropshipping this field, attracted by the low start-up cost but don’t know where to find a reliable supplier? As we know, there are too many dropshipping supplier websites; some are free, some with high monthly subscription fees, even lifetime subscription commitment. Is it true that high expend websites are more valuable, […]

Photography Service Pro Service

What We Can Do for You?

If you’re still bothered of not having your own images and videos of the product, then you’ve come to the right place. Here in CJ we can provide you with the following services: Product photo-shooting; Product video-shooting; POD (Print on Demand). If you want to take product images or videos, you can communicate with us through the chat room below. We will take […]

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How Perfect Product Pictures and Videos Drive Sales to Your Store?

As a online seller, do you still use product pictures at hand? Let’s image when you need to get a coffee, would you love to buy this one? Or this one with a picture at your hand? Obviously, exquisite pictures will make your products more attractive, and customers are willing to spend more time on your product […]

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Holiday Tips For Print-on-Demand Store

The holiday season is a great time for your print on demand business to attract new leads while satisfying the needs of your current customers. When the holiday season arrives, eager shoppers start browsing stores to find new goodies and gifts. To ensure a great shopping experience, there are lots of work to do. And your products, […]