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CJdropshipping is an all-in-one solution platform that provide various services including sourcing, shipping, and warehousing.

The goal of CJ Dropshipping is to help international eCommerce entrepreneurs to achieve business success.

Monthly Q & A on CJdropshipping Top 10 Questions Dropshippers are Mostly Concerned about

Monthly Q & A on CJdropshipping | Why the Freight Is so Expensive and It Has Risen a Lot Recently?

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Here are the 10 questions that CJ dropshippers mostly concerned about.

Why CJ’s shipping cost is so expensive, and the price has increased a lot recently?

A: Most of our parcels are shipped by air and due to the second wave of the pandemic outbreak and currently the peak season of e-commerce, the flight resource is quite tight, the cargo fee is increasing every day. We have to adjust the shipping fees according to the increasing charge from the logistics companies to ensure the delivery time.

Now, many Aliexpress sellers still claim that they could provide free shipping or with Aliexpress standard shipping. But these merchants are actually just trick you into buying and will ship out parcels by sea eventually.

Why CJ’s processing time is so long?

A: Normally, our processing time is around 1-2 days for stocked products, and others for 2-5 days, and POD products will take longer. CJ will pre-stock some hot selling products in our warehouse to accelerate our processing time. For unstocked products, we will need to purchase them from the suppliers and do the quality check.

Sometimes the suppliers may fail to send out parcels on time. And if your order contains several items, we have to purchase them from different suppliers, which may take a longer time. You could purchase some private inventory to save time on the road.

Why did my agent inform me that I have to wait for the factory to produce my product? Don’t you guys have your own inventory?

A: As we knew, dropshipping is known for a low startup cost, with no need for inventory stock. CJ doesn’t produce our own products. When we receive orders, we will purchase them from 1688/Taobao or local factories. After the products reach our warehouses, our staff will do quality checks, remove all the unnecessary flyers, cards, pack products upon orders, and ship to end customers.

However, we do stock hot-selling products in our warehouses to shorten the shipping time. And the products in our overseas warehouses are all real stocks with local fast shipment. Check out CJ website for overseas warehouse products.

When I track the parcel, it shows delivered. But why my customer still email me and claim that they didn’t receive the package?

A: This kind of situation is relatively rare in cross-border shipment. Because most western countries’ parcel delivery does not require a signature, so local couriers will deliver packages to the mailbox, front door or maybe your neighbor has signed for receipt or delivery company may leave a note on the door to inform you to schedule a pickup.

In this case, the customer can search around their home or contact the local delivery company to inquire about the delivery details. After reaching the local logistic company and confirming the parcel is lost during the delivery, you can file a dispute request for a refund or resend on CJ

Why the logistic I chose isn’t available?

A: Many factors will cause your chosen shipping method isn’t available, like attributes of the products, the destination country, parcel’s total weight and the platform. Unfortunately, our system cannot determine whether a specific zip code or address is feasible for the shipping method. Our system can only define it by country.

For example, CJPacket is available for shipping ordinary staff to the USA. But the recipient address is located in Hawaii or Alaska, in this case, you still can process to pay in our system, but when we receive this order, we will inform you that CJPacket isn’t available for Hawaii or Alaska.

How can CJ charge me for the remote fee when the recipient’s address is located in the USA?

A: The United States is a vast country, including some islands. There may be cases where delivery cannot reach out if it is a US address, or the local delivery company needs to charge remote fees to arrange it.

Why my parcels were returned? How can this happen?

A: If the parcel failed delivery attempt or no one picks up the parcels or claim it for a long time. Then the parcel will be returned from the local post to the local logistic warehouse. The logistic company will then require a resend fee to reschedule a new delivery attempt with the right shipping information.

However, if the customer didn’t pay the resend fee before the due date, the local logistic team will destroy the parcels. To avoid this situation, we suggest ensuring the customer address is completed and identified on Google map.

Why I keep receiving CJ’s email for the product weight change?

A: Our product’s weight and size information are directly from the supplier, which may not match the actual size or weight. Once we receive the actual product, we will measure it and correct the data. And we will notify our customers of the product data correction.

Why CJ charge me an oversize fee for my products?

A: Oversize products refer to a product whose volumetric weight is higher than the actual weight, or you can say a lightweight package. Logistic will charge the shipping fee for oversize products by their volumetric weight. Sometimes the product without a package isn’t oversize.

Still, after packing with a carton and filling with bubble columns to prevent transport damage, the package will become an oversized parcel. For product have great change become an oversize product, we suggest consulting with our agent for packed size before placing orders.

After my product is packed, one side’s length exceeds 60cm, or the three sides’ sum exceeds 90cm. Why aren’t many logistics available for my package?

A: Most of our parcels are transported by air. Air transport has rigorous requirements on the size and weight of the parcels. Most airlines require that the parcel one side is not more than 60cm, and the sum of three sides is less than 90cm. 


Can CJ Help You Dropship These products?

Yes! CJ dropshipping is able to provide free sourcing and fast shipping. We provide a one-stop solution for both dropshipping and wholesale businesses.

If you find it hard to source the best price for a specific product, feel free to contact us by filling out this form.

You can also register on our official website to consult professional agents with any questions!

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CJ Dropshipping

You sell, We source and ship for you!

CJdropshipping is an all-in-one solution platform that provide various services including sourcing, shipping, and warehousing.

The goal of CJ Dropshipping is to help international eCommerce entrepreneurs to achieve business success.